UFactory Robotic Arms: maximize your productivity at lower cost

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Discovering UFactory robotic arms is to embrace cutting-edge technology that combines ease of use, portability, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. Designed to democratize access to advanced robotics, UFactory robots are distinguished by their affordable and durable robotic arms. Intuitive and accessible, they allow for quick adoption and simplified programming through a dedicated graphical user interface, transforming complex tasks into operations that can be accomplished in just 10 minutes.

XArm robotic arms: Precision and flexibility​

UFactory is revolutionizing the world of industrial and educational robotics with its xArm series, robotic arms offering unmatched flexibility and precision. Available in three variants – 5, 6, and 7 degrees of freedom – these robotic arms cater to a wide range of applications, from handling delicate objects to complex assembly tasks. The sleek design and ease of integration of the xArm make them indispensable tools for businesses looking to optimize their operations while minimizing costs.

The 850 arm: Powerful and robust

The 850 arm is distinguished by its robustness and power, making it ideal for applications requiring a high manipulation force. Designed to meet the challenges of the most demanding industrial environments, the 850 combines durability and performance, thus offering a reliable solution for the automation of production processes. Its ease of installation and compatibility with various programming platforms make it accessible to engineers and technicians of all levels.

The Lite6 arm: Accessibility and innovation

The Lite 6 arm, the most accessible in the UFactory range, is a gateway to robotics for educators, students, and small businesses. This lightweight and compact arm is perfect for robotics initiation, providing an intuitive platform for learning programming and robotic manipulation. Despite its affordable price, the Lite6 does not skimp on quality, offering precision and reliability that are surprising for its category.

Accessories: for flawless handling

To complement its range of robotic arms, UFactory offers three innovative gripper accessories, designed to maximize efficiency and versatility of collaborative arms. These adaptive grippers are capable of handling a wide variety of objects, from the most fragile to the heaviest, with exceptional precision and delicacy. Whether for industrial or educational applications, UFactory grippers are the ideal solution to expand your robot’s capabilities: Vacuum gripper xArm, BIO gripper xArm, and Gripper xArm.

The complete UFactory arm comparison

xArm 5DoF xArm 6DoF xArm 7DoF Lite 6 Arm 850 Arm
Degrees of freedom
3 kg
3.5 kg
3.5 kg
5 kg
11.2 kg
12.2 kg
13.7 kg
7.2 kg
20 kg
Max. reach
700 mm
700 mm
700 mm
440 mm
850 mm
Max. speed
1 m/s
1 m/s
1 m/s
500 mm/s
±0.1 mm
±0.1 mm
±0.1 mm
±0.5 mm
±0.2 mm

In summary, UFactory revolutionizes the field of collaborative robotics by providing businesses of all sizes with affordable and high-performance robotic solutions. Investing in UFACTORY technologies means choosing a path towards operational efficiency and innovation. With features such as multi-accessibility and powerful joints, these robots open up a range of possibilities for industrial and educational applications.

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