Pololu sharp infrared proximity sensor 10cm

Pololu sharp infrared proximity sensor 10cm

Pololu sharp infrared proximity sensor 10cm
Pololu Robotics & Electronics | A-000000-00367
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This digital infrared proximity sensor from Pololu detects objects between 2 and 10 cm. Its main characteristics are a quick response time, a small size, low current draw and a compact carrier PCB that makes it easy to integrate into your project.
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Overview of the infrared proximity sensor

This infrared proximity sensor from Pololu detects object in a 2 to 10 cm range without contact.

Pololu uses a Sharp GP2Y0D810Z0F sensor with an electronic board integrating all needed components. You can easily integrate this infrared proximity sensor with the provided three-pin 0.1" connector and the mounting hole. With a a sample rate of almost 400Hz, this infrared proximity sensor is quicker than most distance sensors.

Sharp sensor for pololuelectronis board of pololu

Some application examples:

  • break-beam sensor or photogate alternative
  • contactless obstacle detection for your mobile robot
  • counter or timer of objects as they pass by

In the same range of products, see the infrared proximity sensor 5cm.

Usage of the infrared proximity sensor

Pololu's infrared proximity sensor includes two three-pin 0.1" connectors, one straight and one right-angle. On the electrical board, the square pad is the ground, the middle one is the power (Vin, between 2.7 and 6.2 V) and the last one is the infrared proximity sensor's output. Depending on your power source, you might notice an increase in performance by placing a large (>10uF) capacitor between power and ground somewhere near the infrared proximity sensor.

pololu infrared proximity sensor sharp with pins

Vo output is set to low level when Pololu's infrared proximity sensor detects an object and is to high level in the other case. This sensor does not give you the distance to the seen object.

There are a few millimeters of hysteresis around the maximum range threshold of the infrared proximity sensor and none at the minimum range threshold.

hysteresis on Pololu

A red LED is lit when the infrared proximity sensor detects something. You can disable it by cutting the trace between it and the OUT pin or by desoldering the LED.

The GP2Y0D810Z0F Sharp sensor used in Pololu's infrared proximity sensor has an 'enable' input that can be used to put the sensor into low-power mode. On Pololu's board, this input is connected to Vcc, so the sensor is always active, but you can control this input by using the pad labeled “enable” on the back of the PCB and cutting the trace that connects the enable line to Vcc on the PCB. There is a caret that indicates where you should make the cut.

The Pololu's infrared proximity sensor board has a 2,1 mm (0.086") mounting hole.

Technical specifications of the infrared proximity sensor

  • operating voltage: 2.7V to 6.2V
  • average current consumption: 5mA (typical)
  • distance measuring range for GP2Y0D810Z0F: 2cm to 10cm
  • output type: digital voltage
  • steady state response time: 2.56ms typical (3.77ms max)
  • module size: 21.6x8.9x10.4mm
  • weight without header pins: 1.3g

electrical sketch of pololu

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