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LiDAR sensors for robotics and automation

LiDARs allow you to map your environment quickly and accurately. They are a key add-on to any mobile robot (or any autonomous vehicle that rolls, flies or swims) or automated machine that requires a safety zone.

What is a LiDAR sensor?

LiDAR stands for "light detection and ranging". It is a method for determining variable distance based on the time for a reflected light to return to its receiver. In addition to measuring distances and sense obstacles, a LiDAR can create a 3D map of its surrounding environment.

This technology has been a small breakthrough in the field of archaeology, for example. It also enables autonomous vehicles to "visualize" their environment in real time.

How does LiDAR work?

LiDAR technology is similar to radar (which uses radio waves) or sonar (which uses acoustic waves). A laser beam is emitted, bounced back from a surface, and then sent back to the detector. LiDAR then calculates the distance to the target. By using light (laser beam), which speed is a constant value, LiDAR is much more accurate than the other two technologies.

Knowing the position and orientation of the sensor, the XYZ coordinate of the reflective surface can be calculated. It is represented by a point. By repeating this process many times (short pulses of laser beam), the device builds up a complex ‘map’ made up of all the points that it collected.

For a detailed explanation of LiDAR technology, feel free to read our blog post on the subject, entitled What is LiDAR technology?

LiDAR: its different applications

LiDAR is a great alternative to various types of proximity sensors. It is used in many sectors, and for wide varety of missions.

Here are a few examples of applications:

  • Environmental monitoring:
    • Forest monitoring, fight against deforestation
    • Study of atmospheric or volcanic activity
    • Biodiversity evolution
  • Modeling :
    • Tsunamis and floods
    • Road accidents
  • Human activities monitoring:
    • Agriculture management
    • Pollution rates
    • Tourism management
  • Maintenance :
    • Bridge inspection
    • Wind speed and wind turbine surveying
  • Exploration :
    • Archaeological and oceanographic discoveries
    • Oil and gas exploration
  • Robotics :
    • Autonomous cars
    • Delivery of meals, mail, by autonomous mobile robots
    • Security on sensitive sites
    • Creation of safety zones around industrial robots
    • LiDARs are often coupled with other robotic platforms such as humanoid robots, mobile robots, drones, robotic arms, etc.

LiDAR 2D vs LiDAR 3D

3D LiDARs are a more extensive solution, but they are more expensive than 2D LiDARs. However, the former will be more interesting for warehouse automation projects in the medium/long term. Find out why in our blog post "2D LiDAR vs 3D LiDAR".

Our main LiDAR brands

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The RoboSense RS-Bpearl 3D laser range finder offers an extended field of view and effective blind spot detection for equipping robots and automated equipment without breaking the bank.

Delivery within 4-5 weeks

Small, compact and very quickly installed, the SICK TIM100-3010200 Laser Range Finder is a good solution for controlling all types of indoor surfaces. Connections not included, contact us for more info.

Delivery within 1 week

SLAMTEC has introduced a new generation of laser rangefinders with integrated mapping and localization features.

Product available for orders
Price upon request

The OSDome is a hemispherical digital lidar with a 180° field of view offering a range of 20 metres and a resolution four times higher than other sensors.

RS-Fusion-P3 from Robosense is a complete and advanced obstacle detection system. It integrates 2 sets of 16 beam LiDAR and 1 set of 32 beam LiDAR to develop your autonomous driving system.

Delivery within 4 weeks (on order)

Suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, the SICK LMS111-10100 Laser Range Finder offers an excellent compromise between compact size, cost and performance.

Available within 4 weeks

Looking for a way to make your robot’s movements more precise? Do you want your mobile robot to be able to avoid obstacles and follow certain markers? By connecting a UST-10LX Scanning Laser Range Finder to your creation you will make it even more autonomous, even more responsive to its immediate surroundings!

Delivery within 3 months (on order)

The LPX-T1 represents the first high-performance medium and long-range LiDAR laser developed by SLAMTEC.

Delivery within 3 to 4 weeks

The OS0 lidar has an ultra-wide (90°) field of view, meaning it can see everything from floor to ceiling.

For researchers and teachers looking for an even more advanced solution than the RS-Fusion-P3 system, there is the RS-Fusion-P5 from Robosense. The very high-definition combination of one LIDAR RS-RUBY and four LIDAR RS-BPearl, to combine long and short-range detection.

Delivery within 4 weeks (on order)

The TIM561-2050101, another member of the large family of SICK laser range finders, is a 2D LiDAR range finder that is particularly suitable for outdoor use.

Delivery within 1 week

The most popular laser range finder from Hokuyo. Thousands of robots accross the world use this sensor recognised for its accuracy and its robustness.

Delivery within 5-6 weeks

The YDLIDAR X4PRO LiDAR is a 360-degree two-dimensional rangefinder developed by the EAI team, providing accurate distance measurements.

In Stock

The OS1 lidar is a high-performance sensor built around the new L3 chip, offering the best combination of range, field of view and resolution.

The RS-Lidar-M1 Laser Rangefinder is a high resolution sensor designed for equipping vehicles with autonomous navigation systems. It facilitates decision making by detecting, analyzing and classifying possible obstacles.

Delivery within 4-5 weeks

Offering a scanning time almost four times faster than the URG-04LX telemeter, the Hokuyo UBG-04LX-F01 laser range finder remains very compact with a low power consumption.

Delivery within 3 months (on order)

The SICK TiM571-2050101 Laser Range Finder offers a maximum range of 25 metres and is able to operate outdoors and in all weathers, making it an essential detection tool for all your monitoring systems and industrial applications.

Delivery within 1 week

SLAMTEC has introduced the RPLIDAR C1, a cost-effective and high-definition LiDAR.

In Stock

The OS2 lidar stands out for its maximum range, of up to 400 metres, and high-precision data, both made possible by its new L3 chip.

The future of autonomous vehicles is shaping up with Robosense's RS-Ruby 3D laser Rangefinder, a Lidar with impressive performance and effecient in all weathers.

Delivery within 4 weeks (on order)

Delivery within 1 week

So you thought it was impossible for a device to be even more powerful than the UST-10XL without sacrificing size? Well take a look at the Hokuyo UST-20LX Scanning Laser Range Finder: just as light, just as sturdy – but with much sharper vision!

Delivery within 3 months (on order)

SLAMTEC has introduced the RPLIDAR S3, a new generation of lightweight, high-performance and compact LiDAR.

In Stock

Ouster’s OS0 LiDAR is an effective aid to robotic navigation, for highly accurate path analysis in real time.