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YDLIDAR is a Chinese brand specializing in manufacturing LiDAR sensors, a remote sensing technology that accurately measures distances using lasers. Founded in 2016, the brand quickly made a name for itself in the market thanks to the quality of its products and their affordable price. YDLIDAR's LiDAR sensors are used in various applications, including robotics, surveillance, mapping, autonomous navigation, and virtual reality. The brand offers a range of products that meet the needs of different customers, from hobbyists to professionals, with options for high resolution and high performance.

YDLIDAR offers several types of LiDAR to meet the specific needs of users:

Cutting-edge technology for remote sensing and mapping

  • YDLIDAR G2: This LiDAR model is equipped with a 360° optical sensor, a scanning frequency of 5 to 12 Hz, and a range of 0.1 to 12 meters. It is ideal for robotics, remote sensing, mapping, and surveillance applications.

  • YDLIDAR G4: This LiDAR is equipped with a 360° scanning system and a frequency range of 9000 Hz. It is equipped with a motion compensation system for precise analysis of the environment.

  • YDLIDAR G6: This 360° LiDAR has a scanning frequency of up to 18,000 Hz and a range of up to 25 meters. It precisely perceives the environment, details, and small objects.

  • YDLIDAR X2: Smaller than the G4, this ultra-compact 360° LiDAR consumes low power, allowing users to integrate it more easily into projects.

  • YDLIDAR X4: A 360° LiDAR with a range frequency of 5KHz and a detection radius of 10 meters. Easy to use, it is ideal for hobbyists as well as professionals.

Check out this YDLIDAR G4 360° laser range finder: an ultra-reduced model offering an amazing performance!

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The agile, perceptive and highly observant SMART robot is an intelligent mobile platform and an expert in navigating hostile environments. It avoids all obstacles while mapping its environment in real time.

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Offering a highly accurate performance and a detection range of up to 16 metres, the YDLIDAR G6 360° laser range finder is your robotics accessory of choice for mapping and other 2D detection tasks.

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The YDLidar GS2 is both compact and lightweight, it has a field of view of 100° and a range of 30 cm. It can be integrated easily into small smart devices.

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