If there is a problem with your application, please follow this procedure:

We always do our best to help you solve your problems. Please send an email to the support team and give us as much information as possible (description of the problem, context, environment, photos …) about the problem encountered. This will allow us to fix the bug and provide you with a solution as quickly as possible. We will also try to provide you with a workaround, if possible, if the problem needs more time to be resolved, so that you can continue to use the application as long as we solve the problem.


Bug management

If the program error is critical (for example, if the main functions of an application are not executed correctly), the bug will be solved with a new update, provided that:

  • The solution is technically feasible (no major architectural modification of the application is required)
  • It does not affect the quality or integrity of the robot or application

You have questions about our Business applications for Pepper? If you cannot find the answer on this page, please contact our support team.

Are the application updates free?

The SMART Pepper, Follow Me and Pepper Remote applications include free updates, as well as 1 year of support and warranty.

Can I change the content of SMART Pepper?

Yes, you can update the content (images, texts) of the modules of your SMART Pepper application directly in the CMS (Content Management System).

Is it possible to have several different content configurations on the Smart Pepper app?

Yes. To do so, simply save a configuration file for each configuration you want to back up from the CMS. You’ll just have to integrate the configuration you want to use at a given moment.

Is it possible to modify the Smart Pepper application to match the image of my company?

Yes, you can change colors, texts and put your logo in the app. We will configure it once before delivert, but you can also do it in the CMS.

Does the robot need to be connected to the internet to use the SMART Pepper app?

No. The application is autonomous and does not need internet. However, if you have modules that require sending an email or SMS, then yes, it will take an internet connection to use these features.

Does the robot need to be connected to the internet to use the Pepper Remote app?

The Pepper Remote app needs a connection between the robot and the computer that controls it. A local network can suffice.

Does the robot need to be connected to the internet to use the Follow Me app?

No, the application Follow Me does not need an internet connection.