Generation Robots : sélection de robots Noël 2015

Check out our 2015 selection for a fun and educational Christmas!

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Christmas is just around the corner, and we’ve decided to give you a hand with your shopping by putting together a small selection of our favourite kits and robots.
There’s something for everyone, young or old, from budding robotics engineers to seasoned experts!

Get started in electronics with the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for MicroView

 Generation Robots 2015 Christmas Selection: SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for MicroView

You won’t need any electronics or programming experience at all to have fun with this Arduino-compatible kit by Sparkfun with its MicroView OLED microcontroller.
You can create eleven solderless circuits on a breadboard, designed to introduce you to electronics and programming.

Try your hand at robotics programming with Dash & Dot

 Generation Robots 2015 Christmas Selection: Dash & Dot

The fun and colourful Dash and Dot robots by Wonder Workshop were designed with a younger public in mind. The free Go , Path , Blockly and Wonder apps lead children along an easy-to-follow learning curve that will leave them keen to find out more!
They’re ideal companions for children aged 6 to 12, keen on learning how to program a robot.

Build your own small sumo robots with Zumo, and prepare for battle

 Generation Robots 2015 Christmas Selection: Mini robot Zumo for Arduino

This kit allows you to turn an Arduino board into a small programmable mobile robot, and if you have two you can organise sumo robot fights, very popular among robotics enthusiasts!
Mini robot Zumo for Arduino+ Arduino Uno SMD board + Micro Metal Gearmotor HP 30:1

Tackle robotics programming with Thymio II

 Generation Robots 2015 Christmas Selection: Thymio II educational robot

If you’ve not met the Thymio II robot before now, it’s worth pointing out that it’s one of the most popular robots on our site. Children simply love it. For teachers and parents, it’s a great and amusing way of introducing youngsters to technology.
You can try your hand at numerous fun projects, with or without your box of Lego !

If you’re a born robot developer and want to have a stab at programming, the Lego Mindstorms range was made for you

 Generation Robots 2015 Christmas Selection: Robot Lego Mindstorms sets

Easy to assemble and program, the Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotics set is designed for enthusiasts from the age of 12. You can also program it using more powerful languages, like RobotC, and use a large number of sensors and additional accessories.
It’s the best-selling robotics kit in the world… and for good reason.

Create an interactive environment with the Makey Makey Kit

Generation Robots 2015 Christmas Selection: Makey Makey Kit

Ever wanted to transform a bowl of fruit or even your staircase into a piano, create a joystick from plasticine, or make a human synthesiser or Dance Dance Revolution game with buckets of water?

The Makey Makey Kit is the only one of its kind, and the possibilities are endless!

Learn the basics of robotics with Robotis Dream

Generation Robots 2015 Christmas Selection: ROBOTIS Dream sets

The level 1, 2 and 3 Robotis Dream kits will lead you by the hand through your introduction to robotics. Assemble, program and bring to life several different types of robot while learning the basic concepts of robotics.
These kits, designed especially for children, are ideal for learning either alone or with help.

Learn all about modular robotics with MOSS and Cubelets

Generation Robots 2015 Christmas Selection: MOSS und Cubelets sets

The principle is quite simple, each cube serves a different function and can be connected to create a small robot. Rather than inventing lines of code, simply assemble the MOSS or Cubelet cubes for an innovative approach to understanding the logic behind programming.
You can even program your MOSS robots with Scratch, the famous visual programming language!

Program and navigate the famous Parrot Bebop drone

 Generation Robots 2015 Christmas Selection: the Bebop drone by Parrot

The Parrot Bebop found on our website is the successor to the French manufacturer’s AR Drone. You can control it from your smartphone using the Freeflight 3 app and enjoy high-quality images thanks to its high-definition camera.
You will find the SDK on line, offering developers the possibility to create new control apps or embark on 3D mapping!