Turtlebot 4 : un robot entièrement assemblé avec ROS2

Turtlebot 4: a fully assembled robot with ROS2

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TurtleBot 4 is the newest addition to the Clearpath Robotics range, an open-source mobile robot available in two versions: TurtleBot 4 Standard and TurtleBot 4 Lite. Both are equipped with an iRobot® Create 3 mobile platform, an educational robot comprising a ROS 2 programmable Raspberry Pi4 computer, a 2D LiDAR, an OAK-D camera and much, much more…

A mobile robot offering advanced features

Ultra-fast start-up with ROS 2

TurtleBot 4 ships fully assembled with ROS 2 (open-source middleware for robotics) pre-installed and configured, along with detailed user documentation, an Ignition Gazebo simulation model, demo code and a suite of tutorials, allowing you to rapidly get to grips with your TB4 and begin working on applications!

Numerous sensors

TurtleBot 4 comes with an array of built-in sensors for various robotics applications. These on-board sensors include:
  • An OAK-D spatial AI stereo camera
  • An IMU
  • An optical floor tracking sensor
  • Wheel encoders
  • Plus: a series of infrared, cliff, bump, slip detection sensors, and more…

The data from all these sensors is available in the form of ROS topics via the network-connected ROS 2 API.

A robust mobile platform

TurtleBot 4 is assembled on the iRobot® Create 3 educational robot, a sturdy mobile platform with numerous sensors that ensure accurate localisation and positioning. It has a standalone ROS interface, a maximum payload of 15 kg, and a top speed of 0.306 m/s. In addition, unlike the other TurtleBot robots, it has integrated batteries and a charging dock, guaranteeing up to 4 hours of autonomy!

An educational robot for learning robotics

In classrooms

TurtleBot 4 comes with a complete set of courseware material (content, lesson plans, tutorials, sample tests), for easily incorporating TurtleBot into your robotics training courses. It’s an easy-to-use, open-source platform that both teachers and students can use to work on many different projects.

The next step

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can easily expand the capabilities of your TurtleBot 4, by adding your own sensors for example. It offers USB power ports, power breakouts and a top mounting plate for easily integrating third-party hardware. The standard version also has a programmable LCD OLED screen, which can display information from any ROS topic. The possibilities are endless!

An open-source platform

TurtleBot 4 has a thriving on-line open-source community, which you can test and add to. You can even create your own. In addition, part of the proceeds of every TurtleBot 4 shipped goes to Open Robotics for the continued support of this open-source initiative.

TurtleBot 4 Standard and TurtleBot 4 Lite comparison

Turtlebot4 version standard
Turtlebot4 version standard
TurtleBot 4 Standard TurtleBot 4 Lite
Dimensions 341 x 339 x 351 mm 341 x 339 x 192 mm
Weight 3,9 kg 3,3 kg
Max. Speed 0,31 m/s 0,31 m/s
Max. Payload 9 kg – Default 15 kg – Custom Configuration 9 kg – Default 15 kg – Custom Configuration
Operating Time 2h30-4h (load dependent) 2h30-4h (load dependent)
Accessible Power & USB Ports Yes No
Ecran OLED Yes No
Plaque de montage supérieure Yes No
Software ROS 2 ROS 2
Computer Raspberry Pi 4 B (4 Gb) Raspberry Pi 4 B (4 Gb)

TurtleBot4 Standard

From € 2395.00 Tax included

TurtleBot 4 - Standard version
  • OAK-D Pro camera
  • Raspberry Pi 4 B (4 GB)
  • 9kg (15kg in costum) Payload
  • 2h30 – 4h Autonomy
  • Accessible ports, OLED display, top mounting plate

TurtleBot4 Lite

From € 1549.00 Tax included

TurtleBot 4 - Lite version
  • OAD-K Lite camera
  • Raspberry Pi 4 B (4 GB)
  • 9kg (15kg in costum) Payload
  • 2h30 – 4h Autonomy
  • Accessible ports, OLED display, top mounting plate