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In 2009, 4 engineering classmates at the University of Waterloo create Clearpath Robotics with one goal in mind: “make a difference through robotics”.

Their initial project was developing a remote-controlled device for clearing landmines in war-torn countries, hence the name CLEARPATH ROBOTICS.

Humanitarian values are still at the heart of CLEARPATH ROBOTICS mission, which becomes in 2014 the first robotics company to sign on with the Campaign To Stop Killer Robots, a international coalition of non-governmental organizations who seek to pre-emptively ban lethal autonomous weapons.

Since, CLEARPATH ROBOTICS has designed a versatile range of UGV, for researchers working in difficult or hazardous conditions. Their robots are built to operate in polluted waters, snow, rugged terrain.

Their Husky robot is the go-to platform for Mars robotics research around the world. The company works with academic, corporate and military clients around the world, including NASA or MIT.

The CLEARPATH ROBOTICS mobile robots are open-source, they can be fitted with sensors and heavily customized. Their robotics platforms are fully compatible with ROS. Up-to-date ROS drivers and packages are available online.

Clearpath Robotics: ROS compatible UGV

Sizing chart of the Clearpath Robotics mobile robots


Both robust and compact, the Boxer Mobile Robot is an indoor platform designed for developing robotic solutions and technologies. 100% ROS, it offers a wide range of possibilities for researchers and designers.

Delivery within 4 to 6 months

This Dingo robotic platform was designed by Clearpath for indoor education and research applications. It comes in two versions: differential drive or omnidirectional drive.

Available in 3 months
Price upon request

Researchers looking for high payload and a powerful drive torque have been seduced by the all-terrain Husky A200 unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). If like them, you want to go further in your research and prototype rapidly, look no further than the Husky mobile base.

Interested in meeting a real mobile robot, both weatherproof and all-terrain, that’s as fast on a dirt road as on the lino in your kitchen? Check out the Jackal Unmanned Ground Vehicle, a robust, rapid, compact and what’s more extremely flexible robotised platform!

Available in 4 to 5 weeks

The Ridgeback robot is an omnidirectional indoor robotic platform capable of moving precisely high loads in a constrained environment. The robot is fully integrated, it is supplied with front and rear laser rangefinders and provides an inertial unit. The Ridgeback robot offers native integration with ROS and Gazebo.

Delivery within 10 to 15 weeks

The TurtleBot 4's mobile robot is built on top of the iRobot® Create® 3 educational robot that provides an IMU, optical ground tracking sensor, and wheel encoders for precise positioning and location. TB4 comes in two models: TurtleBot 4 Standard and TurtleBot 4 Lite

In Stock

The Warthog ROS mobile robot is an amphibious unmanned ground vehicle of impressive dimensions and with a corresponding payload capacity. Not only that, but it moves quickly too!

Delivery within 4 to 6 months