TurtleBot4 mobile robot Lite

TurtleBot4 Lite mobile robot

TurtleBot4 mobile robot Lite
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The TurtleBot 4's mobile robot is built on top of the iRobot® Create® 3 educational robot that provides an IMU, optical ground tracking sensor, and wheel encoders for precise positioning and location.

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Turtlebot4: A complete mobile robot for education and research

The Turtlebot 4 Lite comes with a set of sensors, such as infrared sensors, that can detect cliffs, bumps, and slopes. Additionally, it has a 26Wh Li-ion battery that can power other sensors and accessories. The embedded sensors data can be accessed as ROS subjects through the ROS 2 API that is connected to the network. Furthermore, the mobile base can carry a payload of up to 9 kg and can travel continuously at a speed of 0.306 m/s with the safety system enabled, and at up to 0.46 m/s in priority mode.

TurtleBot 4 - Luxonis Camera

The Turtlebot 4 Lite's mobile base is completely incorporated with a Raspberry Pi 4 computer that operates on Ubuntu 20.04, ROS2, and embedded sensor drivers. It has a front stereo camera and a 2D LiDAR. By utilizing an easily accessible powered USB hub and the top mounting plate, you can easily integrate additional sensors and accessories into the system. A programmable LCD screen is available for users to show information from any ROS subject, and the IP address of the platform is displayed for quick connection to the robot.

TurtleBot 4 - Connectivity

Comes fully assembled with ROS 2

The Turtlebot 4 will be provided completely assembled with pre-installed and configured ROS 2, along with comprehensive user documentation, a Gazebo Ignition simulation model, demo code, and a set of tutorials. These resources will enable users to begin testing and SLAM right away. Turtlebot is an open-source platform.

TurtleBot 4 now supports ROS 2 Humble, this update brings many new features: namespace support, mail delivery, "Patrol Loop" navigation etc.

TurtleBot 4 Standard and TurtleBot 4 Lite comparison

Turtlebot4 version standard
Turtlebot4 version standard
 TurtleBot 4 StandardTurtleBot 4 Lite
 Dimensions 341 x 339 x 351 mm 341 x 339 x 192 mm
 Weight 3,9 kg 3,3 kg
 Max. Speed  0,31 m/s  0,31 m/s
 Max. Payload 9 kg - Default
15 kg - Custom Configuration
 9 kg - Default
15 kg - Custom Configuration
 Operating Time  2.5 - 4.0 hrs (load dependent) 2.5 - 4.0 hrs (load dependent)
 Accessible Power & USB Ports Yes No
 OLED display Yes  No 
 Mounting Plate Yes No 
 Software ROS 2 ROS 2
 Computer Raspberry Pi 4 B (4 Gb) Raspberry Pi 4 B (4 Gb)


Technical specifications

  • EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS : 341 x 339 x 351 mm (13.4 x 13.3 x 13.8 in)
  • Weight : 3.9 kg (8.6 lbs)
  • Wheels (Diameter): 72 mm (0.55 in)
  • Ground clearance: 4.5 mm (0.17 in)
  • Max Payload : 15 kg
  • Max Speed : 0.31 m/s (safe mode), 0.46 m/s (cliff sensors disabled)
  • Max rotational speed : 1.90 rad/s
  • Battery: 26 Wh Lithium Ion (14,4V nominal) Rechargable
  • Charge time : 2.5 hrs
  • Operating time : 2.5 - 4 hrs
  • User power: VBAT @ 300mA, 12V @TBD mA, 5V @ 500mA 3.3V @ 250mA
  • Base station for docked charging
  • Raspberry Pi 4B (4 GB)
    • 0.15-12m range ;
    • 8kHz sampling rate;
    • 360 degree angular range;
    • 1 degree angular resolution
    • 4K RGB auto focus camera (IMX378)
    • Mono stereo camera pair (OV9282)
    • IMU, Spatial AI processor
    • IR Laser Dot Projector & Illumination LED
  • 2x Front bumper zones,
  • 2x Wheel encoders,
  • 4x IR cliff sensors,
  • 6x IR obstacle sensors,
  • 1x Downward optical flow sensor for odometry,
  • 1x 3D gyroscope,
  • 1x 3D accelerometer
  • 1x Battery level monitor
  • 2x Drive Motors,
  • 6x RGB LED Ring
  • 1x Speaker,
  • 5x Status LEDs
  • 2x User LEDs,
  • 128x64 OLED Display
  • Ubuntu 20.04, ROS 2
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