Ouster REV 7 : une nouvelle gamme de LiDAR encore plus performants

Ouster REV7: a series of even more powerful lidars

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Ouster has pushed back the boundaries of digital lidars once again with the launch of its REV7 sensors powered by the L3 chip, which has significantly improved both their range and data accuracy and reliability. This new series also welcomes the new OSDome, a hemispherical lidar that sees everything from floor to ceiling. And the brand has improved its OS0, OS1 and OS2 lidars for an even better performance!

Lidars equipped with a revolutionary L3 chip

Thanks to this new-generation L3 chip, Ouster’s REV7 lidars can now see everything, over longer distances and with greater accuracy. It operates at a rate of up to 5.2 million points per second, so can identify physical details (walls, corners, small objects) invisible to other lidars. Designed to deliver on performance and efficiency, the L3 is a backlit chip with impressive features.

Ouster L3 Chip Caracteristics

As a leading technology company, Ouster is making constant progress, designing ever more powerful lidars equipped with ever more efficient chips.

Ouster LiDAR SoC Progression

Introducing the OS REV7 series

With their L3 chip, the REV7 lidars have a better field of view than before. They can now see twice as far and with greater precision, both indoors and out. They can operate at between -40 and 70 °C and consume less energy. They have 95% automotive-grade components to withstand impact and vibration while maintaining their compact size.

REV7 vs. REV6: the differences

  • Powered by a new backlit L3 chip
  • Range multiplied by 2 across the entire product family
  • High resolution for short, medium and long-range applications
  • Max. operating temperature increased by 10 °C
  • Automotive 1000BASE-T1 Ethernet now available
Ouster OS0 REV6 lidar
Ouster OS0 REV7 lidar
Ouster OS1 REV6 lidar
Ouster OS1 REV7 lidar
Ouster OS2 REV6 lidar
Ouster OS2 REV7 lidar
Maximum reach ~ 50 m ~ 100 m ~ 120 m ~ 200 m ~ 240 m ~ 400 m
Range (10% reflective target) ~ 15 m ~ 35 m ~ 45 m ~ 90 m ~ 80 m ~ 200 m
Min. range 0.3 m 0.5 m 0.3 m 0.5 m 1 m 0.8 m
Points per second Up to 2,621,440 Up to 5,242,880 Up to 2,621,440 Up to 5,242,880 Up to 2,621,440 Up to 2,621,440
Operating temperature -40 to 60 °C -40 to 70 °C -40 to 60 °C -40 to 70 °C -20 to 62 °C -20 to 65 °C

Automotive ethernet: a new option

To ensure these sensors integrate well with autonomous vehicles, Ouster has added a 1000BASE-T1 automotive ethernet option for its OSDome, OS0 and OS1 models. This new integrated connector makes the REV7 lidars compatible with a wide range of software and networking solutions, saving both time and money in terms of integration.

REV7: what can I use it for?

These OS sensors have been developed for everyday use, even in the most extreme environments, for example industrial automation, robotics, mapping, etc. And a special mention must go to the OS2 with its maximum range of 400 metres, giving it the unique ability to track vehicles and objects in any direction. These new-generation lidars allow large-scale roll-out of autonomous vehicles, such as robotaxis, shuttles, buses, trucks, etc.

OSDome, a new hemispherical lidar

Designed to maximise detection performance, the OSDome lidar is discreet and compact and can see everything without being seen. Its dome shape recreates a full view from floor to ceiling, eliminating the issue of blind spots.

Strengths of the OSDome:

  • 180° hemispherical field of view
  • 128 channels of vertical resolution
  • 20 metre range (10% reflectivity)
  • Accurate and secure tracking of people
  • 4x higher resolution

OSDome: what can I use it for?

You can integrate the ultra-compact OSDome easily into the body of a vehicle or the ceiling of a building. It will improve your security systems and can track individuals while respecting their privacy. It’s well suited to a wide variety of smart infrastructure and industrial projects

Ouster LiDAR OSDome

Comparison of the different OS REV7 sensors

All the lidars are built on the same architecture, but are designed for different uses.

 LiDAR Ouster OSDomeOSDome
Long Range
Field of view (VxH)180° x 360°90° x 360°45° x 360°22,5° x 360°
Range20 m (10%)35 m (10%)90 m (10%)200 m (10%)
Portée.min0.5 m0.5 m0.5 m0.5 m
Weight337 g447 g447 g1100 g
Precision± 1 cm± 0,5 cm± 0,7 cm± 2 cm

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