Ouster Mid-Range OS1 Lidar (Rev 7)

Ouster Mid-Range OS1 Lidar (Rev 7)

Ouster Mid-Range OS1 Lidar (Rev 7)
Ouster | A-000000-06171
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The OS1 lidar is a high-performance sensor built around the new L3 chip, offering the best combination of range, field of view and resolution.

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Ouster Mid-Range OS1 Lidar (Rev 7)

The OS1 lidar is a high-performance sensor built around the new L3 chip, offering the best combination of range, field of view and resolution.

Your mid-range sensor of choice

The Ouster OS1 features 64 or 128 channels of vertical resolution in addition to a higher resolution than any other mid-range sensor on the market. Powered by the L3 chip, it delivers up to 5.2 million points per second for a more accurate representation of surfaces and features such as walls, corners and small objects.

Technical characteristics of the L3 chip

More scope, more possibilities

The OS1 now sees 90 metres on a 10% reflective target, and over 200 metres at maximum range. It is the sensor of choice for industrial automation, robotics and mapping.

Built for real-world reliability, the OS1 is designed to withstand extreme shock and vibration, and is IP68 and IP69K rated.

Autonomy ready

Offering an industry-leading range and resolution, and a new 1000BASE-T1 automotive Ethernet connection (optional), the OS1 is poised to become your mid-range sensor of choice.

To adapt most effectively to your project, there are 4 configuration possibilities (available only with the 64-channel version):

Ouster OS1 field of view diagram

The 128-channel model offers only the uniform configuration.

Gemini, a perception platform compatible with Ouster LiDAR

The Ouster Gemini platform aims to improve safety, intelligent transportation systems or smart cities. It enhances detection and classification performance with more accurate and comprehensive people and vehicle tracking data.

This advanced solution simplifies operations and is more cost-effective, as it requires less sensors.

The Unshakable Alliance: Ouster LiDAR Optimized by AI for Technological Revolution

Ouster LiDARs harness Artificial Intelligence to optimize their technology, achieving unprecedented speed and precision across a range of applications.

In the context of autonomous driving, AI plays a crucial role in processing the massive data collected by Ouster LiDAR sensors. The integration of AI enables Ouster LiDARs to make real-time decisions, taking into account multiple parameters and thereby enhancing road safety.

In the field of robotics, AI combined with Ouster LiDAR data provides enhanced perception for robots. This enables them to navigate through complex environments, avoid obstacles, and accomplish a variety of tasks autonomously.

In mapping, the combination of AI and Ouster LiDAR data allows precise modeling of topography. The 3D information obtained through LiDAR sensors facilitates the creation of detailed maps, improving urban planning, resource management, and emergency response.

Artificial Intelligence is thus indispensable in Ouster LiDAR technology.

Comparison of the OS1 Rev 6 and OS1 Rev 7

Vertical resolution32, 64 or 12864 or 128
Maximum representable range~ 120 m~ 200 m
Range (10% reflective target @90% detection prob.)~ 45 m~ 90 m
Minimum range0.3 m0.5 m
Precision± 0.7 cm à ± 5 cm± 0,5 cm à ± 5 cm
Vertical field of view45°45°
Vertical angular resolution0.7° (64 channels) - 0.35° (128 channels)0.7° (64 channels) - 0.35° (128 channels)
Horizontal resolution512, 1024 or 2048512, 1024 or 2048
Horizontal field of view360°360°
Horizontal angular resolution0.18°0.18°
Points per secondUp to 2 621 440Up to 5 242 880
Frame rate10 or 20 Hz10 or 20 Hz
Pixel returns22
Ingress protection rateIP68, IP69KIP68, IP69K
Power draw14 – 20 W14 – 20 W
Operating voltage12 / 24 V12 / 24 V
Operating temperature-40°C up to 60°C-40°C up to 70°C
Weight447 g447 g
Embedded IMUYesYes
4 possible configurationsOnly for 64 channels versionOnly for 64 channels version

Resources for the OS1 lidar (Rev 7)

Ouster LiDARs are available in 2 versions: V6 and V7. What are the key differences between the 2 versions?

Read our comparison below.

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