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AgileX mobile robots: versatile and agile

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AgileX mobile robots: suited to many industries

The AgileX series of mobile industrial robots can be customised and offers different levels of performance. From the fast and agile Scout Mini to the more robust all-terrain Hunter, AgileX covers a wide spectrum of requirements. These mobile robots are suitable for use in education, research and industry.

The AgileX robots are known for their versatility, agility and ROS-compatibility.

Three robots stand out in particular in this AgileX range: the Scout Mini, the Scout 2.0 and the Hunter 2.0.

Scout Mini: fast, compact, agile

Each of these mobile robots boasts different strengths. The Scout Mini is an all-purpose platform that measures 70 cm long. It is designed to be fitted with lots of sensors. It can move anywhere on flat ground at a speed of 20 km/h. It’s a four-wheel drive UGV, so can quickly change direction.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It exists also in a version with Mecanum wheels for those in need of a particularly agile robot.

Scout 2.0: the versatile autonomous robot

The Scout 2.0 mobile robot is wider and more imposing (62 kg). It, too, is an all-terrain robot. It can carry up to 50 kg, making it particularly suitable for transporting equipment and materials.

Like the Scout Mini, it can be fitted with lots of sensors. It’s a 4WD platform that will travel at a speed of 6 km/h over 15 km.

Hunter 2.0: for your heavier loads

Hunter 2.0 is the heavyweight in this category, not because it weighs 65 kg, but because it can carry 150 kg! Its front-wheel Ackerman steering allows it to move around with ease, while its two rear drive wheels make it very stable.

It, too, can be equipped with sensors or a mechanical arm. A perfect field assistant in the form of an autonomous mobile robot.


These mobile chassis are perfect tools for not only education but also professional use. The AgileX platforms can be used in a wide range of contexts, including for surveillance, exploration, transportation, inspection or in an educational setting.

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