Scout 2.0 mobile robot (UGV)

Scout 2.0 mobile robot (UGV)

Scout 2.0 mobile robot (UGV)
AgileX Robotics | A-000000-04602
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Scout 2.0 is an indoor and outdoor mobile platform, dedicated to the development of multiple applications in higher education, research and industry. This mobile robot is CE certified.

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Scout mobile robot: Robust and skilful UGV

Designed for research, teaching and development in industrial robotics, the Scout 2.0 mobile base falls into the category of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs).

In addition to being CE certified, this autonomous mobile base offers good mechanical properties, as well as interesting performance in terms of movement:

  • A robust chassis that can carry up to 50 kg
  • Agile steering with 4-wheel drive and independent suspension
  • Zero turning radius. This helps in maneuvering in tight spaces
  • All-terrain adaptability, indoors and outdoors
  • Two communication interfaces (CAN and RS232) for the transmission of data related to motion, direction, etc. as well as secondary development

It is therefore a rather compact and robust mobile platform with endurance provided by its 24 V Lithium battery . Its new cooling and temperature control system allows it to operate in extreme environments, or to handle multiple operations without overheating.

Versatile Design and Integration

SCOUT2.0's versatile design suits indoor, outdoor, and rugged terrains. It features standard external devices, multiple interfaces, and supports integration with advanced autonomous driving systems.


Circulating Cooling System

The new circulating cooling system ensures operation in all weather.

Expansion and Secondary Development

SCOUT 2.0 allows users to establish connections using the CAN bus protocol. It's also complemented with an open-source SDK and software resources.


Compact and Energy-Efficient Design

25% smaller than the previous model, with lower energy consumption, longer battery life, and easy adaptability for indoor and outdoor use.

Indoor, outdoor and resourceful

The Scout 2.0 mobile platform offers full support for development systems such as ROS or Baidu Apollo . If we add to this the interface integrated into the robot, which allows the connection of a variety of peripherals, we get a very versatile mobile base. Ideal for higher education, research, development of industrial robotics applications, service or surveillance robotics, etc.

Its revised structure for optimal space saving, and its mechanical performance make this small mobile robot suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.

Technical specifications of the Scout 2.0 mobile base


  • 1 SCOUT 2.0 Robot body
  • Key lock
  • IP 64
  • 1 Battery charger (AC 220V)
  • 1 Aviation plug (male, 4-pin)
  • 1 USB to RS232 cable
  • 1 Remote control transmitter (optional)
  • Dimensions: 930 x 699 x 348 mm
  • Wheelbase (mm): 498
  • Front/rear wheel base (mm): 582/582 mm
  • Weight of vehicle body (kg): 62 kg
  • Charge nominale progressive : 50 kg
  • Battery Type: Lithium battery 24V 30aH
  • Motor: DC brushless 4 X 400W
  • Reduction gearbox: 1:30
  • Drive Type: Independent four-wheel drive
  • Independent suspension with single rocker arm
  • Four-wheel differential steering
  • Safety equipment: Servo brake/anti-collision tube
  • No-load highest speed (m/s): ≤1.5
  • Minimum turning radius: 0°
  • Maximum climbing capacity: ≥30°
  • Minimum ground clearance (mm): 135
  • Remote control
  • Control command mode
  • RC transmitter: 2.4G/extreme distance 1km
  • Communication interface: CAN/RS232
  • CE certified
Dimensions of the Scout 2.0 UGV mobile robot from AgileX

Scout 2.0 Robot Resources

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