Les différents robot quadrupèdes et leurs applications

The different quadruped robots and their applications

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Over the last few decades, quadruped robots have experienced significant growth, stimulated by an increasing demand for mobile robots capable of exploring environments deemed too risky for humans. Compared with other mobile robots, robot dogs stand out for their adaptability, stability, and manoeuvrability. Quadruped robots are particularly well-suited to an urban environment designed for humans:

Currently, two major brands share a significant portion of the dog robot market: Boston Dynamics and Unitree Robotics. In this article, we present the different models available, their advantages and their varied applications.

Spot from Boston Dynamics: an unrivalled technological breakthrough

Technical specifications

Spot technical specifications

Key benefits


Industrial inspection

Factories, production sites, oil platforms. Spot can detect anomalies, monitor equipment, and collect data autonomously or remotely.

Security & Surveillance

Spot can be used as a mobile surveillance platform to patrol sensitive areas such as industrial sites, military installations, shopping malls, and airports. It can detect intrusions, monitor high-risk areas, and transmit real-time data to operators.

Disaster response:

In the event of a natural or industrial disaster, Spot can be deployed for search and rescue missions. It can explore dangerous areas, locate survivors, transport relief supplies, and assist rescue teams.

Research and development

Researchers and engineers can use Spot as a research and development platform to explore new robotic applications, test perception, control algorithms, and develop cutting-edge technologies in fields such as artificial intelligence and autonomous robotics.

Spot, the robot that cuts your costs


Cost may vary according to specific configurations and additional services. The Spot robot is generally considered a high-end solution and its price can be significant. However, its performance, versatility, and long term benefits justify the investment. In time, users find that the return on investment and the operational benefits far outweigh the initial purchase price.

Ready to use business packs

Spot Academia & Education

Designed for research, education, and the development of new applications, the “package” features ready-to-use functions, opening up vast possibilities in the field of robotics.

Developers can exploit its autonomous capabilities, while the Spot Arm enables advanced interaction with the environment.

Spot is fully customizable and is an advanced tool for preparing students for the future of robotics

Spot Public Safety

The Spot State & Public Safety pack offers a robust solution for reducing risks in potentially hazardous environments.

Indeed, Spot can investigate suspicious packages, assist in hostage situations by providing crucial remote information, and detect various hazardous materials such as toxic substances and explosives.

Equipped with cameras, X-ray devices, and a robotic arm, Spot enables secure intervention by first responders while maintaining a safe distance.

Spot Inspection

The Spot Enterprise Asset Management Kit automates inspection tasks, providing accurate real-time data to fuel predictive maintenance.

Equipped with multiple payloads, Spot can perform thermal inspections to detect anomalies in equipment, read and analyse analogue gauges, and even conduct acoustic inspections to identify leaks in ducts.

This kit enables the proactive collection of essential data to optimise industrial asset management.

The latest news

Boston Dynamics has just launched Orbit, a robot fleet management software offering real-time control and data analysis to improve operational efficiency. Orbit lets you plan and track missions, receive personalised alerts, and operate robots remotely.

B2 from Unitree Robotics: a robust robot for Research and Technical Development


B2 Technical specifications

Key benefits


B2 can be used for inspection, search and rescue missions.


The B2 robot dog is also considered a high-end option. Its price is more affordable than that of Spot, making it potentially more accessible for certain markets. However, it’s essential to note that the B2 doesn’t have the same basic functionality as Spot, such as automatic detection of stairs or obstacles; these modes have to be programmed or activated manually.

Go2 Edu from Unitree Robotics: an affordable robot for higher technical education

Technical specifications

Go2 Edu technical specifications

Key benefits


Go2 Edu is primarily designed for higher education but can also be used for exploration, maintenance, and security.


Go2 Edu Plus is available from 11 000€ HT, excluding VAT and meets the strict budgetary constraints of research and innovation clusters and universities.

Go2 Air and Go2 Pro: low-cost robots for the general public

In addition to the Go2 Edu, Unitree Robotics offers 2 other versions of its flagship robot: the Go2 Air and the Go2 Pro. It’s important to note that these two versions are not programmable and are primarily intended for entertainment purposes.

Boston Dynamics vs Unitree Robotics : our comparative table

SPOT B2 Go2 Edu Plus
Optional : i5 Intel® 8th Gen (Whiskey lake-U) Core™
Intel Core i5 / Intel Core i7
High-performance 8-core processor<
Max. speed
1,6 m/s (5,7 km/h)
6 m/s (21,6 km/h)
5 m/s (18 km/h
Maximum payload
14 kg
120 kg (stationary) et 40kg (moving)
12 kg
5 pairs of depth cameras
2 depth cameras + 2 optical cameras
Ultra-wide angle HD camera (Realsense D435i)
Maximum gradient
+/- 30°
+/- 45°
+/- 40°
32 kg
60 kg
15 kg
1100 x 500 x 1910 mm
1098mm × 450mm × 645mm
700 x 310 x 400 mm
Max. step height
30 cm
20 - 25 cm
16 cm
Battery life
Protection index
12 months (1 additional year with Spot Care)
12 months
12 months
Delivery time
6 à 9 weeks
5 à 7 weeks
4 à 5 weeks

5 Reasons to choose a robot dog over a mobile robot on wheels

1) Obstacle-clearing capability

Thanks to their four-legged configuration, quadruped robots can, for example, climb stairs, which can be essential in inspection or rescue situations.

2) Indoor & Outdoor

Unlike mobile robots, which generally operate indoors or outdoors, quadruped robots have the advantage of combining both, making them multitask and, above all, multi-terrain.

3) Integrated sensors

Quadruped robots have built-in cameras and sometimes even a 4D LiDAR, as in the Go2 robot from Unitree Robotics.

4) Manoeuvrability in confined spaces

Their agility and ability to move in confined spaces make quadruped robots a wise choice for applications where space is limited. For example, SNCF called Generation Robots in March 2022 for inspection missions on a 2-level Transilien train. Read our blog article on this subject.

5) Adaptability to varied terrain

Thanks to their ability to climb and jump, quadruped robots are often more versatile than wheeled robots. They can navigate efficiently over rough, uneven, or cluttered terrain that might be difficult for wheeled robots to access.