Go2 quadruped robot Edu Plus

Go2 quadruped robot Edu Plus

Go2 quadruped robot Edu Plus
Unitree Robotics | A-000000-06591
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Available in 4 versions, the Go2 Edu Plus robot is an ideal tool for Research, Education, and Robotics. It integrates Artificial Intelligence and a 4D LiDAR with hemispheric vision.

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Go2 Edu Plus: Integrated Artificial Intelligence Technology

Successor to the famous Go1, the quadruped robot Go2 combines cutting-edge technology with an elegant and agile design. Designed for research and higher education, the Edu Plus version is programmable, offering infinite possibilities to develop and explore your own robotic applications.

The pack includes :

  • 1 x Go2 Edu (respective version)
  • 1 x Remote controller
  • 1 x 15,000 mAh battery

Various versions available

  • Go2 Edu Plus (40 Tops Computing):  40Tops of computing power with AI algorithms
  • Go2 Edu Plus (100 Tops Computing): 100Tops of mega-computing power with AI algorithms 
  • Go2 Edu Plus 3D (Mid-360 LiDAR): 100Tops of mega-computing power + 3D LIDAR Mid-360 with navigation algorithms
  • Go2 Edu Plus 3D (XT16 LiDAR):  100Tops of mega-computing power + 3D LIDAR Hesai XT16 with navigation algorithms 

Key Features of Robot Go2

  • 4D LIDAR: Developed by Unitree, this LiDAR offers a 360° x 90° hemispherical ultra-wide recognition, super small blind spot and a minimum detection distance as low as 0.05m
  • Integrated AI: With the help of GPT, Go2 better perceives its environment and can make decisions based on its sensors
  • Improved Battery and Autonomy: Long-range 15,000mAh battery (2 to 4 hours of autonomy)
  • More Powerful Motors: Maximum joint torque increased to 45 Nm
  • ISS2.0 Intelligent Side-follow System: Improved positioning accuracy and a remote control distance of 30 meters
  • Better Connectivity: Go2 is equipped with a 4G module, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth 5.2
  • Faster: Go2 is the fastest robot-dog on the market (up to 18 km/h)
Key Features of Robot Go2

Why choose the Go2 Edu Plus robot?

  • The most affordable dog robot on the market at this level of performance
  • Programmable and ROS-compatible
  • High-performance sensors: 4D hemispheric LiDAR, Intel® RealSense Depth Camera D435i, tracking sensor, foot force sensors
  • Includes GPT language model
  • OTA (Over The Air) updates: with user authorization, the robot automatically connects to a cloud-based OTA service to update its own programs.
Go2 OTA (Over The Air) updates

Accessories to Go Further

Go2 can be equipped with a servo robotic arm, a LiDAR navigation system, and spare batteries to adapt to all possible applications.

Technical specifications of Go2 Edu Plus versions

Go2 Edu Plus
40 Tops
Go2 Edu Plus 40 Tops
Go2 Edu Plus
100 Tops Computing

Go2 Edu Plus 100 Tops
Go2 Edu Plus 3D
Mid-360 LiDAR

Go2 Edu Plus 3D Mid-360 LiDAR
Go2 Edu Plus 3D

Go2 Edu Plus 3D XT16 LiDAR
Computing Power40 Tops100 Tops100 Tops100 Tops
LiDARNo Additional LiDARNo Additional LiDARLIDAR 3D Mid-360LIDAR 3D Hesai XT16
CameraRealsense D435i CameraRealsense D435i CameraRealsense D435i CameraRealsense D435i Camera
Maximum Payload12 kg12 kg12 kg12 kg
Speed0 ~ 3.7m/s0 ~ 3.7m/s0 ~ 3.7m/s0 ~ 3.7m/s
Max Speed5 m/s (18 km/h)5 m/s (18 km/h)5 m/s (18 km/h)5 m/s (18 km/h)
Max Step Height160 mm160 mm160 mm160 mm
BatteryLong endurance (15000mAh)Long endurance (15000mAh)Long endurance (15000mAh)Long endurance (15000mAh)
ChargerFast Charge (33.6V 9A)Fast Charge (33.6V 9A)Fast Charge (33.6V 9A)Fast Charge (33.6V 9A)
Charging Time Battery1h301h301h301h30
Weight15 kg15 kg15 kg15 kg
Dimensions70 x 31 x 40cm70 x 31 x 40cm70 x 31 x 40cm70 x 31 x 40cm

The Go2 features a self-contained battery that allows it to recharge independently. However, a Go2 Docking Station can be acquired depending on your needs.

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