Grove Beginner Kit (Arduino-compatible board included)

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Easier creation on Arduino with Grove

The Grove system has always been designed with the aim of giving users easy access to electronics and programming. No more hours spent wiring, soldering and starting over. You can simply connect the Grove modules to a Grove platform or Grove shield using a Grove cable.

This Grove kit for beginners continues in the same vein, with an all-in-one package for serenely experimenting with Arduino and immediately beginning with code.

10 Grove modules and a Seeeduino board

What’s in the kit? 10 Grove modules attached to a Seeeduino Lotus board 100% compatible with Arduino Uno. Zero wiring is required, because everything is already connected. You’ll simply need a micro USB cable to connect the kit to a compatible device, and you can then begin navigating around the Arduino IDE.

The Seeeduino Lotus is compatible with all Grove modules, and you can detach any part of the kit as you see fit. You can then use the Grove cables included to make the connections you need and customise your project.

Technical specifications of the Grove kit for Arduino

The kit includes:

  • 1 Grove beginner kit for the Arduino board
  • 1 micro USB cable
  • 6 Grove cables
  • Included in the board:
    • 1 Grove LED
    • 1 Grove buzzer
    • 1 OLED 0.96” display
    • 1 Grove button
    • 1 Grove rotary potentiometer
    • 1 Grove light sensor
    • 1 Grove sound sensor
    • 1 Grove temperature and humidity sensor
    • 1 Grove air pressure sensor
    • 1 Grove 3-axis accelerator
    • 1 Seeeduino Lotus board
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