Dynamixel servo motors - basic prototyping and advanced applications

The Dynamixel brand is a comprehensive line of servo motors. These servomotors are renowned worldwide for their performance, their user-friendly qualities and their features, that are essential for robotics.

It is possible to use Dynamixel servos for basic prototyping, in fablabs or robotics clubs (like the very popular XL-320). Larger models are well suited for more advanced automation projects, such as building testbeds in high-tech industries, or designing earth prototypes for Mars rovers.) Some servos are even waterproof.

Dynamixel servos natively offer different types of control (position and speed). Another key point: Dynamixel servos can be daisy chained, which greatly reduces the number of cables, for neater setups.

Dynamixel range of servos consists of 3 main groups of motors:

  • Dynamixel: AX (small) and MX (medium) motor families. AX is the entry-level serie, suitable for small prototyping or non-essential motor functions. The MX series servos are more powerful, more robust and more accurate. They are equipped with PID correction.
  • Dynamixel-X: a range of even more powerful and robust servos, various in size, including some waterproof servos and 2-Axis servos. They include advanced features such as torque, speed, position control, but also and PWM control.
  • Dynamixel-P: professional range with servo motors of exceptional performance and precision. They are programmable in C#, Java, Python, Labview, Matlab...

Developed by the Korean company Robotis, Dynamixel has proved to be a comprehensive range of products, ranging from servos small prototyping (XL-320) to advanced servomotors (Dynamixel-P) designed for researchers and professionals.

Dynamixel is a brand that Generation Robots' team of doctors and engineers also use on an everyday-basis, and acclaimed by the entire robotics community worldwide!

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