Robotis Engineer Kit 1

Robotis Engineer Kit 1

Robotis Engineer Kit 1
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The Robotis Engineer Kit 1 includes a set of robotics solutions for education, app development and competition. With this kit, you can create various articulated, smart robotics platforms.

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Robotis Engineer Kit 1: great for teaching advanced programming

The Robotis Engineer robotics kit provides you with a modular platform dedicated to education, development and leisure. With the Dynamixel actuators included in the kit, you’ll be able to create humanoid robots and articulated hexapods. The kit is built around a CM-550 controller, which integrates a gyro sensor, a Bluetooth communication module, a mic/sound sensor, a voltage sensor and an alarm.

This Robotis humanoid kit comes with an illustrated guide detailing all the possible mounting options. Whatever form it takes, the resulting robot gives you access to various features:

  • Dr. R: this humanoid robot is equipped with a touch screen, and can adopt different behaviours and express emotions. Dr. R recognises the face of the user and the objects making up its environment.
  • Max-E1: this impressive bipedal robot can defy other robots, follow the user’s gestures and react to clapping sounds.
  • SPI: this hexapod robot that looks like a spider can be controlled using the Robotis Engineer Kit app (available on Android and iOS), can play your favourite tunes and move with the music.
robotis engineer kit

Possible uses of the Robotics Engineer kit for teaching IA

Thanks to its multiple functions and configuration options, the Robotis Engineer kit will adapt to many situations.

  • Teaching programming using the Python language and the free Robotis app;
  • Editing and creating robot motions using the app;
  • Introduction to 3D printing with a full training guide covering 24 different lessons;
  • Introduction to next-generation robotised solutions: facial recognition robot, IA development, robot vision, and so on.

It’s also a stimulating gaming set for competitors and electronics fans looking for a new challenge to take up!

Technical specifications of the Robotis humanoid kit 1

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