LEGO Technic 4X4 Crawler

LEGO Technic 4X4 Crawler

Lego | A-000000-01770

The LEGO Technic 4X4 Crawler is a 2-in-1 motorised and remote-controlled vehicle – transform it into an off-road truck, and you’ll embark on new adventures! DISCONTINUED PRODUCT

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Size Chart
Size Chart

LEGO Technic 4X4 Crawler: an off-road Lego vehicle

The Lego Technic 4X4 Crawler has everything it takes to tackle the wildest terrain without batting an eyelid, since it’s equipped with four powerful drive wheels and a suspension capable of coping with many an obstacle.

Once transformed into an off-road 4X4 truck, the 9398 vehicle from the Lego Technic range is even more impressive: higher, shorter, more robust and just as capable!

A comprehensive presentation of the Lego 4X4 Crawler, with an impressive demo!

Control your Lego Technic model from a distance

You can operate your off-road Lego 4X4 in both its crawler and truck forms using its infrared remote control and receiver, which needs to be assembled on the vehicle itself. Simply turn the wheels of your Lego vehicle, and take it wherever you want!

Technical specifications of the LEGO Technic 4X4 Crawler

The 4X4 Crawler kit includes:

  • 1 4X4 Crawler with opening doors and top section, 4 drive wheels and extreme suspension you assemble yourself
  • 1 remote control and 1 infrared receiver
  • 2 Lego Power Functions motors
  • 1 servo motor
  • 1 battery box
  • 4X4 Crawler assembly instructions (the building instructions for the truck can be downloaded below)
  • Requires 6 LR6 batteries and 3 LR3 batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions:
  • 4X4 Crawler: over 21 cm high, 39 cm long, 21 cm wide
  • 4X4 off-road truck: over 28 cm high, 36 cm long, 21 cm wide


Resources for the Lego Technic 4X4 vehicle

Below you’ll find the assembly instructions for the 4X4 off-road truck:

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