Vision Subsystem v5 for NXT or EV3 (with fixed lens)

Vision Subsystem v5 for NXT or EV3 (with fixed lens)

Vision Subsystem v5 for NXT or EV3 (with fixed lens)
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Ever felt your LEGO Mindstorms creations were a little short-sighted? With this camera for LEGO EV3 and NXT, your LEGO robot will see and remember!

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Vision Subsystem v5 for EV3 or NXT: a LEGO Mindstorms camera with IR filter

The Vision Subsystem camera v5 for EV3 or NXT connects very simply to your Mindstorms creation using simply a sensor port. It opens up lots of new possibilities for your LEGO robot, allowing it for example to track lines, coloured objects, faces and eyes and record images and videos at a resolution of 320 x 240, including in autonomous mode. The IR filter built into the lens ensures accurate colour reproduction.

An EV3 accessory with a built-in microSD card

Not satisfied with greater visual acuity and autonomy, the camera for EV3 or NXT also has a memory: a microSD card attached to your device that records and stores images and videos even when the camera is in autonomous mode.

Technical specifications of the IR-blocking camera v5 for EV3 or NXT

  • Connects to EV3 or NXT on a sensor port
  • Connects to a computer using a USB interface
  • Tracks lines or coloured objects (you can define your own colours)
  • Tracks faces and eyes
  • Records videos and captures images on a microSD card (provided)
  • Can record videos and photos in autonomous operation
  • Has a lens with a built-in infrared blocking filter
  • Sends real-time tracking statistics to your EV3/NXT system
  • Power consumption: 42 mA max @ 4.7V
  • Image and video resolution: 320 x 240
  • PC not needed for autonomous operation
  • Supported environments: NXT-G, EV3G, RobotC, LeJOS, NXC, LabVIEW, LVEE

Resources for the Vision Subsystem camera v5 for EV3 or NXT

Want to find out more about your Vision Subsystem accessory v5 for EV3 or NXT? It’s all here!

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