Grove Base Shield v2

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Base Shield v2: Electronics for the lazy

The SLD01099P base shield is the exact mirror image of the various I/O pins present on a compatible Arduino board: to put it simply, all you have to do is connect this module to your Arduino board to be able to connect all the Grove modules you want to the shield’s various analogue inputs and outputs, connectors and pins!

Base Shield v2: Compatibility and facilities

This connection module is compatible with many boards, such as the Arduino UNO, Leonardo, Arduino Mega, Seeeduino V2.21 and Arduino Duemilanove boards. Do note however: when connecting to an Arduino Uno board, if you have a more recent version of this shield than the v1.3b, it may be necessary to use an insulator on the various connectors to avoid shorts.

In total, this base shield has 16 connectors: 7 digital connectors (I/O pins), 4 analogue connectors, 4 I²C interfaces and lastly 1 UART interface.

Technical specifications of the Base Shield v2

  • Compatible with all Grove modules
  • Connectors: 16 × 4 pins
  • 7 digital connectors (D2–D8)
  • 4 analogue connectors (A0–A3)
  • 4 I²C interfaces
  • 1 UART interface
  • ISP/ICSP pin
  • Charge and reset button LED indicators (reset via button on right-hand side)
  • Each pin includes VCC, GND and I/O connectors
  • Dimensions: 70 x 54 x 20 mm

Resources for the Base Shield v2

A wiki page is available online to help you get started with your Base Shield v2.

If you want to find out more, take a look at the document below:

Schematics of the Base Shield v1.3

Schematics of the Base Shield v2

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