MakerBeam Standoffs (4 pcs)

MakerBeam Standoffs (4 pcs)

MakerBeam | A-000000-02637

This MakerBeam set includes all the necessary hardware for fixing components using standoffs. Each set allows you to assemble 4 standoffs.

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Size Chart
Size Chart

MakerBeam Standoffs: let your inventions “breathe”

Each MakerBeam standoff in this set has M3 dimensions and is fully compatible with MakerBeam and OpenBeam profiles.

With these standoffs, you can fix components 6 mm above their base. These accessories are particularly useful for mounting a programming board or any other PCB on your MakerBeam creation.

Technical specifications of the set of 4 MakerBeam standoffs


  • 4 M3 standoffs
  • 4 M3 nuts
  • 4 M3 6 mm bolts
  • 4 M3 washers
  • Compatibility: MakerBeam and OpenBeam

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