Pepper For Business Edition humanoid robot 2 years warranty

Pepper For Business Edition humanoid robot 2 years warranty

Pepper For Business Edition humanoid robot 2 years warranty
Aldebaran (URG) | A-000000-02309
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PEPPER for Business Edition, developed by Aldebaran Softbank Robotics, is a programmable humanoid robot, designed to be used in professional environments.

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Pepper humanoid robot presentation

Pepper is the latest product of the Aldebaran Softbank Robotics company which developed the famous NAO robot. Designed to be used in professional environments, and integrate into them as naturally as possible, Pepper is an attractive and endearing humanoid robot. A genuine link between physical and online channels, Pepper offers a rich experience with real added value in a physical location. Thanks to his design, size and humanoid behaviour, he is easily accepted by everyone. For all that, Pepper is not designed or intended to replace human beings, which helps to contribute to his integration.






Open and fully programmable platform


Touch sensors, LEDs and microphones


Infrared sensors, bumpers, an inertial unit, 2D and 3D cameras, and sonars


Perception modules to recognize and interact with the person

The offer includes :

  • 1 Pepper humanoid robot

  • 2 years warranty professional services

  • 2 languages (English and the language of your choice)

  • 1 charger

  • 1 Software license of Choregraphe SDK

Comparison of Pepper OS Versions

Pepper Python (NAOqi 2.5)

  • Version dedicated to advanced development in robotics

  • Over 1000 APIs for development flexibility

  • Possibility to upgrade from NAOqi 2.5 to 2.9, but no backward compatibility

  • Uses Choregraphe and Python for programming and customization in NAOqi 2.5

  • Direct access to sensors and support for complex algorithms

  • Lack of "out-of-the-box" applications

  • No updates

  • No compatibility with QiSDK applications

Pepper Android (QiSDK 2.9)

  • Version designed for interactive and commercial applications

  • 20 APIs prioritizing stability

  • Uses Android Studio and Java/Kotlin

  • Improves interaction capabilities, navigation, and compatibility with external AI libraries

  • Application stability

  • Regular updates

  • No compatibility with Python/ROS

  • Limitations on access to the internal system

Key features of the Pepper humanoid robot

Software applications have to be installed on your robot to allow him to ensure the following features.


Pepper can create traffic in your physical locations. It offers a unique experience, richer than online. Benefits: increasing footfall, promoting an innovative image, raising brand visibility.


Pepper humanoid robot is able to welcome and assist customers through the first stages of their visit. Benefits: standing out through innovation, managing and regulating peak attendance periods, raising the profile of the brand. Discover in video the WELCOME APP FOR PEPPER designed by Generation Robots


The Pepper humanoid robot offers a truly unusual customer experience. Benefits: increasing footfall, boosting brand affinity.


Pepper can guide towards locations, services or products, and help people to find what they’re looking for. Benefits: reducing staff workload, personalised services, improved management and sales tracking.

Informing and recommending products

Pepper is able to inform and offer recommendations about products and services. Pepper can participate in loyalty programmes. It recommends products and services in a personalised manner, adapted to the customers’ profiles and purchasing history. Benefits: harmonising the cross/omni-channel experience, assisting sales and sales teams, boosting sales, improved management and sales tracking

Improving customer knowledge

Pepper humanoid robot can measure customer satisfaction, study customer opinions in the form of satisfaction indexes or verbatim audio or text in response to open and closed questions. Pepper is able to refine the analysis of these opinions thanks to customer data such as gender, age or mood. Benefits: quality and reliability of data, deeper knowledge of the customers, storage and analysis of data in real time.

Case Studies and Customer Success Stories with the Pepper robot

Discover here real life applications with the Pepper robot

EDF booth for Vivatech 2016 Pepper robot at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie reception desk
EDF booth at Vivatech 2016 Pepper at Universcience

Pepper humanoid robot technical specifications

Thanks to his numerous sensors, Pepper sees and detects people in his environment. When he sees that someone looking at him, he engages in dialogue with the person, and provides him or her with the anticipated service.

Created to communicate as naturally and intuitively as possible, Pepper uses both his voice and his body language in order to interact with people.

His touch screen increases his capacity to interact and enables him to provide more information, particularly in graphic form.

Lastly, Pepper is able to understand and express himself in numerous languages. Although Pepper is able to function without being connected to the internet, hisperformance is improved when he is connected to the Cloud via his Wi-Fi connection. This allows him to access his advanced voice recognition and emotional analysis services. It is also via the Cloud that Pepper provides you with the data he collects. An entirely programmable platform, Pepper offers infinite usage possibilities to enrich the customer’s experience.

Pepper’s community of partners provides all the skills and know-how necessary to create, develop and adapt new content and uses, enabling Pepper to effectively meet your business goals.

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