List of products by brand Boston Dynamics

Founded in 1992, the American company Boston Dynamics is a spin-off from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The firm designs humanoid robots and legged mobile robots, such as Spot and Atlas. Boston Dynamics gets its inspiration from the natural world to create robots that move like humans or animals. The goal is to build robots that can freely go to the places where humans and animals can navigate: stairs, rough paths, narrow passages… Equipped with bodily-kinesthetic intelligence programmed by AI algorithms, they have a sense of balance and perception that enable them to move independently.

Boston Dynamics is the team of engineers behind Atlas, the humanoid robot and Spot, the famous dog robot: a multi-talented mobile quadruped robot. Spot can operate day or night, climb up and down a flight of stairs, walk on rough terrain, carry loads of 14 kg or run non-stop for 90 minutes. Fully configurable and robust, Spot has already become a necessary asset in many sectors…

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Need an extra battery for your Spot robot? This charging case is an accessory you should always have to hand to make the very most of your quadruped robot!

TThe Spot robotic arm is one of the essential accessories to make your mobile robot even more skilled and autonomous.

You’d like your Spot robot to be even more sensitive to its environment? Spot CAM+ is a robotics accessory pack designed to make your robot see the world through rose-coloured glasses and in cinemascope!

This new camera kit offers an unprecedented collection of sound and image devices for use with the Spot robot. A great way to develop your canine senses!

SPOT Core I/O is a Spot robot payload designed for equipping your quadruped mobile platform with a variety of robotics accessories.

SPOT EAP 2: the second version of a package designed to improve the autonomy of your Spot robot dog. Equipped with a Velodyne VLP-16 lidar and SPOT CORE I/O processor.

With this Spot robot accessory, you can increase the number of connections available by connecting a single device to your robot.

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This radio kit makes Spot’s WiFi network more efficient (range and speed).

For controlling your Spot robot remotely, from wherever you are!

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Discover the Spot Academia & Innovation kit, a flexible platform for research, teaching, and the development of new applications.

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The Spot Charger case contains all the accessories you need to power your mobile four-legged Spot robot.

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While it’s true that there are already lots of ways to charge your Spot mobile robot, this charging station could well revolutionise the way you use your Boston Dynamics platform – and push the boundaries of your research and development work!

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Spot Public Safety protects individuals and assess dangerous situations, all while ensuring safety.

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The Spot Inspection package provides reliable real-time data to automate all your inspection missions.

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Spot is designed not only for research and teaching but also for developing industrial and service robotics applications, and will quickly become your faithful corporate companion, always ready to work!

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