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Mobile robots

Mobile robotics can be a real game changer in many projects. Mobile robots are powerful tools, which autonomy can take over from humans strenuous or dangerous tasks.

What is an autonomous mobile robot?

An autonomous mobile robot is a robot that can move around in an open or closed space. It does not remain stationary in one position. The autonomous mobile robot can map its environment and navigate on its own, without being controlled by an operator.

Autonomous mobile robots do not need any external relays to operate (such as beacons). Instead, they use SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) technology, which enables them to build a map of their environment in real time, and do some self-localization. If needed, autonomous mobile robots can also be remotely operated.

Usually, an autonomous mobile robot is made up of:

  • A chassis (with motors and controller)
  • An embedded computer
  • A battery
  • Sensors (at least a LiDAR)
  • Actuators

The sensors and actuators will change depending on the tasks the robot has to perform.

Types of sensors:

  • Thermal sensor
  • Panoramic camera
  • Gas sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • Microphone
  • Etc

Type of actuators:

  • Robotic arm
  • Screen
  • Speakers
  • Drone
  • Etc

Mobile robots: missions and applications

In which situations can mobile robotics be a real advantage? We won't list the many tasks a robot can take over from humans, there are too many. We will list the one we are familiar with at Génération Robots.

Missions where a robot can be essential, or mandatory:

How to choose the right mobile robot for your project?

The environment and the terrain are both major considerations, as they cannot be easily changed.

Depending on the environment and the terrain on which the robot will drive, as well as its missions, the locomotion will be different:

  • Mecanum wheels ➡ allows lateral movements, suitable for warehouses and indoor navigation (Clearpath Robotics' Dingo robot type)
  • All-terrain wheels ➡ for outdoor navigation, suitable for exploration missions, agriculture, etc (RR100 robot type from Generation Robots)
  • Tracked ➡ outdoor navigation, on uneven terrain (potholes, small ditches, rocks, steps, etc) (Bunker Pro robot type)
  • 4 legs ➡ allows robots to move on stairs or rocks (Spot robot type)

You will also need to consider the following features:

  • The payload (does the robot need to carry heavy equipment?)
  • Autonomy (an important factor in surveillance and security missions)
  • Agility (speed and turning radius)
  • The budget allocated to the project

Other factors, such as the possibility to quickly add extra addons, can also be important. Agilex mobile robots are equipped with rails that allow for quick customization.

Finally, ROS/ROS 2 compatibility is often a major factor in the choice of a mobile base, especially for research and R&D centers. All our mobile robots are ROS compatible.

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In this construction kit, the small Leo Rover mobile robot bares all, from A to Z. The Leo Rover Developer Kit allows you to assemble the robot’s essential components. With internal Raspberry Pi, powerful controller and ROS-based software you’re ready to begin programming!

Delivery within 3 weeks

Both robust and compact, the Boxer Mobile Robot is an indoor platform designed for developing robotic solutions and technologies. 100% ROS, it offers a wide range of possibilities for researchers and designers.

Delivery within 7 to 8 weeks
Price upon request

The Warthog ROS mobile robot is an amphibious unmanned ground vehicle of impressive dimensions and with a corresponding payload capacity. Not only that, but it moves quickly too!

The Ridgeback robot is an omnidirectional indoor robotic platform capable of moving precisely high loads in a constrained environment. The robot is fully integrated, it is supplied with front and rear laser rangefinders and provides an inertial unit. The Ridgeback robot offers native integration with ROS and Gazebo.

Delivery within 11 to 12 weeks
Price upon request

Interested in meeting a real mobile robot, both weatherproof and all-terrain, that’s as fast on a dirt road as on the lino in your kitchen? Check out the Jackal Unmanned Ground Vehicle, a robust, rapid, compact and what’s more extremely flexible robotised platform!

Price upon request

UNITREE Robotics recently unveiled its latest masterpiece (end of 2023): the B2, an industrial quadruped robot capable of achieving a remarkable speed of 6 m/s (21,6 km/h). 

Price upon request

The Cobot S provides a comprehensive solution for mobile collaborative robots, incorporating high-performance industrial computers, a LiDAR, an IMU, a multi-DOF robotic arm, as well as visual perception.

Price upon request

A high-performance autonomous Cobot Kit designed for educational research in robotics and industrial development.

With this course offered by The Construct, you will learn how to operate and utilize the Jackal platform in real-world environments.

Available immediately
Price upon request

The Spot Inspection package provides reliable real-time data to automate all your inspection missions.

€2,241.72 €2,490.80 -10%

The TurtleBot 4's mobile robot is built on top of the iRobot® Create® 3 educational robot that provides an IMU, optical ground tracking sensor, and wheel encoders for precise positioning and location. TB4 comes in two models: TurtleBot 4 Standard and TurtleBot 4 Lite

In Stock

The Shadow Runner RR100 mobile robot is a ROS-compatible outdoor mobile platform dedicated to research and higher education. Designed and manufactured in Bordeaux by our Génération Robots engineers, the Shadow Runner is an off-road and weather-resistant robot. Its great strength? It’s equipped with high-performance sensors in addition to being ROS compatible.

The RR100 is the education and research version of the GR100, a professional model with embedded localisation and navigation software designed by our own engineers.


This 100% ROS four-wheel drive mobile base is an outdoor pro. Use this durable Rover to carry heavy loads on any terrain.

Available on demand only

This Dingo robotic platform was designed by Clearpath for indoor education and research applications. It comes in two versions: differential drive or omnidirectional drive.

Delivery within 15 to 16 weeks

The Leo Rover is a mobile research and educational robot running on a Raspberry Pi 3 that you can customise at will thanks to a wide range of modules!

Delivery within 3 weeks

UNITREE Robotics recently unveiled its latest masterpiece (end of 2023): the B2, an industrial quadruped robot capable of achieving a remarkable speed of 6 m/s (21,6 km/h). 

The LIMO COBOT is a composition of the LIMO PRO, a ROS development and learning platform, equipped with a Mycobot 280 robotic arm.

Delivery within 4 to 5 weeks
Price upon request

Discover the Spot Academia & Innovation kit, a flexible platform for research, teaching, and the development of new applications.

Price upon request

€1,516.32 €1,684.80 -10%

The TurtleBot 4's mobile robot is built on top of the iRobot® Create® 3 educational robot that provides an IMU, optical ground tracking sensor, and wheel encoders for precise positioning and location.

In Stock

The TEC800 mobile robot is a tracked, remote-controlled UGV unit. It’s a powerful and customisable platform, ideal for research and R&D centres wanting to work on robotics applications.

The agile, perceptive and highly observant SMART robot is an intelligent mobile platform and an expert in navigating hostile environments. It avoids all obstacles while mapping its environment in real time.

Certification CE
Product available for orders

The Scout Mini autonomous mobile base is fast, agile, compact and ROS-compatible. It opens the way for AgileX platforms, a new generation of high-performance UGVs. A robot that can be adapted to many missions as long as you roll up your hacker sleeves. This mobile robot is CE certified.

Certification CE
Delivery within 4-6 weeks

Make sure you have an extra Leo Rover battery in case you need a back-up power supply for your mobile robot!

Delivery within 3 weeks