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Unitree Robotics is a Chinese firm offering a range of high-performance dog robots at a more accessible price than Boston Dynamics' Spot robot. Their robot dogs are ROS compatible. There are different versions :

Aliengo, the robot dog explorer

AlienGo is an explorer dog robot with all the necessary features of an autonomous navigation robotic platform. Suitable for hostile environments, it is ideal for surveillance and exploration in urban and industrial environments. It can map its environment in 2D and 3D and can run at speeds of 6 km/h

GO1, the robot dog that combines accessibility and performance

The Go1 dog robot is intended for higher education and the development of industrial applications ranging from service robotics to autonomous monitoring. Stealthy and agile, it can lift small loads up to 10 kg and move very quickly (up to 17 km/h). It is available in different versions :

  • Edu Basic : version without LiDAR and 3 Jetson Nano cards
  • Edu : version without LiDAR and 2 Jetson Nano boards + 1 NVIDIA Jetson NX board
  • Edu Explorer : version with Slamtec M2M2 2D LiDAR and 2 Jetson Nano boards + 1 NVIDIA Jetson NX board
  • Edu Explorer 2 : version with RS-LiDAR 16 3D LiDAR (Robosense) and 2 Jetson Nano boards + 1 NVIDIA Jetson NX board

GO2, a Blend of Mechanics, Electronics, and Artificial Intelligence

With impressive motor and balance capabilities, the Go2 robot dog combines cutting-edge technology with an elegant and agile design. Succeeding the Go1, it offers remarkable technical capabilities while remaining affordable:

  • Travel Speed: up to 5 m/s
  • Ultra-long Autonomy: 2 to 4 hours
  • Integration of Chat GPT
  • Payload Capacity: up to 12 kg
  • Max Articulation Torque: 45N.m
  • Recognition System: 4D LiDAR L1

Similar to Go1, Go2 is available in multiple versions to cater to various needs:

  • Go2 Air: A version accessible to all, perfect for technology enthusiasts
  • Go2 Pro: A high-performance version at an affordable price
  • Go2 Edu Plus: A version designed for research and higher education. This model is available in several variations (with or without LiDAR)

B1, the robot dog agile and high-performance

The B1 robot dog is designed for research and development. It stands out for its agility, speed and ability to carry heavy loads of over 100 kg.

Z1, the collaborative arm for robot dog

Z1 robot arm can be used with the Aliengo and B1 quadruped robots, allowing them to accomplish even more tasks. Lightweight and compact, it has 6 degrees of freedom and can carry loads of up to 2 kg (Z1 Air) and up to 3 kg (Z1 Pro)

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UNITREE Robotics recently unveiled its latest masterpiece (end of 2023): the B2, an industrial quadruped robot capable of achieving a remarkable speed of 6 m/s (21,6 km/h). 

UNITREE Robotics recently unveiled its latest masterpiece (end of 2023): the B2, an industrial quadruped robot capable of achieving a remarkable speed of 6 m/s (21,6 km/h). 

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Available in 4 versions, the Go2 Edu Plus robot is an ideal tool for Research, Education, and Robotics. It integrates Artificial Intelligence and a 4D LiDAR with hemispheric vision.

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Go2 Air: The most accessible version of the Go2 series, the Go2 Air robot can perform a variety of poses, perceive its surroundings, and make decisions.

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Go2 Pro is the mid-range model of the Go2 series by Unitree. Faster, more agile, and more responsive than its predecessor, it features an improved AI and a hemispherical LiDAR, enabling it to handle more complex obstacles.

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You can use this Z1 robot arm with the Aliengo and B1 quadruped robots, as well as other mobile robots. It’s lightweight, compact and will manage both simple and complex tasks.

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The Servo robotic arm of Unitree can cooperate with the Go2 quadruped robot. Lightweight and compact, it enables the robot to be even more powerful.

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This gripper, designed for use with the Unitree Robotics Z1 robot arm, can lift a wide variety of objects.

The LiDAR 4D L1 developed by Unitree is a powerful detection sensor for small mobile robots, offering a 360° x 90° field of view, high precision, and optimal proximity detection.


This 2D lidar allows real-time mapping, localisation and navigation. It’s compatible with the Unitree robot dogs.

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The RS-LiDAR-16 for Unitree robots is a miniature 16-beam 3D LiDAR with a range of 150 metres and accuracy of 2 cm.

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The Aliengo robot dog battery provides up to 4.5 hours of autonomy for all the routine operations carried out by your four-legged mobile platform.

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This B1 robot dog battery offers approximately 2 hours of continuous operation.

Extend the life of your Unitree Robotics Go 1 Quadruped Robot by adding an extra battery!

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Improve the autonomy of your Go2 Unitree Robotics robot dog by getting an additional battery!

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The Unitree Robotics Go2 Battery Charger is an essential accessory specifically designed to power and recharge the Go2 series quadruped robots.

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While the Go2 mobile robot already offers a wide range of charging options, this charging station could well revolutionize the way you use your robot dog. And push back the boundaries of your research and development work!