Mobile robot manipulators

Mobile robotic manipulators represent a significant advance in robotics, providing efficient and versatile solutions for a variety of sectors. Their ability to perform repetitive, hazardous and complex tasks, combined with their autonomous mobility, makes them indispensable for improving efficiency and safety in many industries.

Why choose a mobile robot manipulator?

  • Increased productivity: fast, precise execution of tasks
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Ability to carry out various tasks and navigate independently in complex environments
  • Cost reduction: Lower labour costs and fewer human errors
  • Improved safety: Reducing risks for employees by automating dangerous tasks and complying with safety standards

Ready-to-use packages

Scoutsan: A 2-in-1 robot used for research

Assembled by Génération Robots, Scoutsan is a mobile manipulator robot consisting of an AgileX mobile base and a Doosan Robotics robotic arm that can be used for research projects and remote manipulation tasks. It is a teleoperated robot to which sensors can be added in order to move autonomously.

Spot packages

  • Spot Université & Recherche: A flexible platform for research, teaching and the development of new applications
  • Spot Safety: a platform designed to protect people and assess dangerous situations in complete safety

AgileX Robotics: cobots for universities and research centres

  • Cobot kit: The cobot kit is a robust platform designed for educational and industrial projects.
  • Cobot Magic: Cobot Magic is an innovative, ready-to-use solution for training in artificial intelligence, at a lower cost. Cobot Magic can process around 50 sets of data per mission, with success rates of up to 80-90%.
  • Cobot S: Cobot S performs complex tasks such as autonomous navigation and visual recognition, making it easier to integrate mobile robots into complex applications.
  • Limo Cobot: The LIMO cobot offers autonomous functions such as navigation, obstacle avoidance, mapping, mobile gripping and visual recognition. It's perfect for education and training.

Husarion: complete, high-performance solutions for the development of autonomous robots

  • ROSBOT XL: this autonomous mobile robotics platform is designed for research and development, rapid prototyping and the creation of custom robots for a variety of indoor applications.
  • Panther: Compatible with many robotic arms, Panther is a UGV capable of mapping its environment in real time and planning precise trajectories. It can be used for logistics, intelligent agriculture, environmental monitoring, etc.

Clearpath Robotics: high-performance UGV manipulators

  • Husky manipulation package: this package can be used for postgraduate courses in robotic manipulation, research and development of robotic concepts, as well as remotely operated mobile manipulation.
  • Jackal manipulation package: this package can be used for mobile manipulation of small loads, postgraduate courses in robotic manipulation, research and development of robotic concepts, and remote operation.

Generation Robots, an integrator capable of designing mobile manipulator robots

Génération Robots is a mobile robotics integrator, capable of designing mobile manipulator robots based on your specifications. In addition to mechanical and electrical design, we specialise in the development of software and algorithms essential to the operation of autonomous robots (mapping, SLAM-based localisation and navigation, data fusion, etc.).

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Discover the Spot Academia & Innovation kit, a flexible platform for research, teaching, and the development of new applications.

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Spot Public Safety protects individuals and assess dangerous situations, all while ensuring safety.

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A high-performance autonomous Cobot Kit designed for educational research in robotics and industrial development.

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The Cobot S provides a comprehensive solution for mobile collaborative robots, incorporating high-performance industrial computers, a LiDAR, an IMU, a multi-DOF robotic arm, as well as visual perception.

The LIMO COBOT is a composition of the LIMO PRO, a ROS development and learning platform, equipped with a Mycobot 280 robotic arm.

Delivery within 4 to 5 weeks

An open source and comprehensive remote-controlled robotic platform, featuring enhanced hardware for optimal performance.

Discover the ROSbot XL Mobile Robot by Husarion, an autonomous mobile robotic platform designed for Research and Development, rapid prototyping, and creating custom robots for a variety of indoor applications.

Delivery within 4 weeks
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The Panther is an industrial-grade all-terrain UGV designed for outdoor applications. It is an autonomous and open-source robotic platform that operates with ROS and ROS2.

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Interested in meeting a real mobile robot, both weatherproof and all-terrain, that’s as fast on a dirt road as on the lino in your kitchen? Check out the Jackal Unmanned Ground Vehicle, a robust, rapid, compact and what’s more extremely flexible robotised platform!

Assembled by Génération Robots, ScoutSan is a mobile manipulator robot composed of an Agilex mobile base and a Doosan robotic arm. Designed for research projects, it is equipped with additional sensors to be fully autonomous.

Delivery within 8 weeks