G1 humanoid robot

G1 humanoid robot

G1 humanoid robot
Unitree Robotics | A-000000-07178
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The G1 humanoid robot from Unitree Robotics stands out for its advanced technical capabilities, exceptional flexibility, and affordable cost. It represents a significant advancement in humanoid robotics, offering endless possibilities for innovation and learning.

Available on pre-order - Delivery scheduled for late 2024 / early 2025

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Size Chart
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G1: A Significant Advancement in Humanoid Robotics

The humanoid robot G1 stands 1.20 meters tall and weighs around 35 kg. It is fully electric, providing great flexibility in its movements. Its movement speed reaches 2 meters per second.

Thanks to its compact design, it can fold for easy transport. The G1 features between 23 and 43 articulation motors (depending on the chosen version), offering a wide range of motion. The motors can deliver up to 120 Nm of torque, allowing the robot to lift loads of up to 3 kg.

Available Versions

Maximum Knee Joint Torque90N.m120N.m120N.m120N.m120N.m
Max Arm Load2 kg3 kg3 kg3 kg3 kg
Warranty8 months1 year1 year1 year1 year
Computing Power-40 TOPS100 TOPS100 TOPS100 TOPS
Waist Degrees of Freedom11133
Arm Degrees of Freedom55577
Hand Degrees of Freedom----2 x Dex3-1
(3-finger dexterous hand)*

* Tactile sensors can be installed on the hand (optional), contact us for more details.

Perception Technology

The Unitree G1 is equipped with 3D LiDAR sensors for complete 360-degree environmental perception and a depth camera to determine the depth of the visual field. Its light mask as a face adds an interactive dimension to its vision capabilities. Its human-like robotic hands, which can be replaced with grippers, offer precise and adaptable manipulation for various tasks.

Autonomy and Power

The G1's 9000 mAh lithium-ion battery provides an approximate 2-hour autonomy. This duration allows for the completion of various tasks without interruption, maximizing operational efficiency.

Intelligence and Learning

The G1 robot uses imitation and reinforcement learning methods, allowing it to continuously improve its skills by simulating human movements. Its high-performance 8-core processor ensures rapid information processing. For even more advanced processing capabilities, the G1 EDU model includes the optional NVIDIA Jetson Orin high-performance computing module. WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity guarantee fast and reliable communication with other devices.

Various Applications

The G1 is ideal for research and education, allowing for the simulation of human movements and the acquisition of new skills. It is also suitable for a variety of industries, including palletization, assembly, welding, and inspection. The robot demonstrates remarkable flexibility and dexterity, as illustrated by its ability to precisely handle a stick or use its grippers like a hammer.

Technical specifications of the unitree G1 robot

Technical Specifications of the G1 Robot

Dimensions (standing)1270x450x200mm1270x450x200mm
Dimensions (folded)690x450x300mm690x450x300mm
Weight35 kg35 kg+
Total Degrees of Freedom2323 - 43
Degrees of Freedom - Leg66
Degrees of Freedom - Waist11 (3 for EDU-U3 and EDU-U4 versions)
Degrees of Freedom - Arm55 (7 for EDU-U3 and EDU-U4 versions)
Degrees of Freedom - Hand/2 x Dex3-1 (only for the EDU-U4 version)
Maximum Knee Joint Torque90N.m120N.m
Maximum Arm Load2 kg3 kg
Calf + Thigh Length60 cm60 cm
Articulation EncoderDouble EncoderDouble Encoder
Battery9000 mAh Lithium Battery9000 mAh Lithium Battery
Computing PowerHigh-performance 8-core CPUHigh-performance 8-core CPU
SensorsLiDAR + Depth CameraLiDAR + Depth Camera
WiFi 6 | Bluetooth 5.2YesYes
High-performance Computing Module/NVIDIA Jetson Orin (optional)
Charger54V 5A54V 5A
Manual ControlYesYes
Warranty8 months1 year

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