Battery warranty

All our batteries are guaranteed for 6 months from the date of invoice. This applies to batteries sold alone and batteries sold with robots.

Battery recycling

Under article R.543-129-1 of the French Environment Code, companies are required to handle the management of their products' used batteries. This includes the proper recovery, processing and recycling of end-of-life batteries. As a consumer, you are legally obliged to return used batteries purchased from our website (this is free of charge for you). This includes batteries sold alone and batteries sold with robots.

Please note

The "no trash" icon means that the battery must not be disposed of like a standard household waste. The icons on the batteries means:

  • ✓ Pb = battery contains more than 0.004% lead
  • ✓ Cd = battery contains more than 0.002% nickel-cadmium
  • ✓ Hg = battery contains more than 0.0005% mercury

Shipping batteries

Some of our robots are equipped with lithium batteries, which are classified in hazard class 9, "Miscellaneous dangerous goods". Each battery is assigned a UN number according to its type. Strict international regulations frame their transport, and specific rules may apply to specific countries. This type of battery may incur delays and additional costs.

Use of batteries

If a battery is left uncharged for several months, it may become deeply discharged and unusable, even after several hours' charging. The battery must therefore be replaced. Deep-discharge batteries are not covered by the after-sales service.

How do I properly care for my battery?

We recommend that you do not leave the battery connected to the robot, as it may discharge more quickly, increasing the risk of deep discharge.

Even if you're not using the battery, you must charge it roughly every 3 months (full charge).

Batteries must not be punctured, opened, destroyed, incinerated or immersed in liquids.

Precautions for handling and storage

Avoid mechanical or electrical stress. Preferably store in a cool, dry, ventilated area, subject to little temperature change. Storage at high temperatures should be avoided. Do not place the battery near a heating appliance or expose it to direct sunlight for long periods.

Other precautions

The battery may explode or cause burns if disassembled, crushed or exposed to fire or high temperatures. Do not short-circuit or install with incorrect polarity.