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You can now purchase the development kit supplied with the Ellipse 2 Micro AHRS and IMU alone!


The Ellipse 2-A is an inertial sensor with an integrated AHRS system, marketed by SBG Systems. It is precise, robust and reliable and comes in a miniature, lightweight format.

The Ellipse 2 Micro INS will open up new autonomous navigation possibilities thanks to its external GNSS satellite positioning system. The development kit is included.

The Ellipse 2 Micro IMU has 3 gyroscopes, 3 accelerometers, 3 magnetometers and a high-performance temperature sensor all in an ultra-small package. The development kit is included.

This SBG Systems solution is small, robust, ultra-precise and delivers comprehensive data. It includes a 9-axis IMU and an AHRS for air and sea navigation. The development kit is included.

250 mm Wire-ended cable for Ellipse Micro (Harwin Gecko)