Quadruped robots

Quadruped robots, such as Boston Dynamics' Spot and Unitree Robotics' robot dogs, are increasingly being used in various fields due to their ability to move easily in environments that are difficult for humans to access.

SPOT: the most advanced robot dog on the market

Infinite applications

With great agility, Spot stands out for its ability to move on rough terrain and climb stairs. It can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Industrial sites
  • Construction
  • Universities and research
  • Etc

Impressive features

  • 14 kg payload
  • 360° perception with its 5 pairs of cameras
  • Speed of 5.7 km/h
  • 90 minutes of autonomy
  • ±30° climbing capacity

Many payloads

Spot is an evolving robot, and many payloads and accessories are available to provide additional features. Here are some examples:

Unitree Robotics: high-performance quadruped robots at an affordable price

Unitree Robotics' robot dogs have advanced features such as voice recognition and obstacle detection that make them ideal for use in scientific research, logistics, and even medicine.

Go1: a fast and agile robot dog

Intended for higher education and professionals, Go1 is a rich quadruped robot with possibilities:

  • Speed of 17 km/h
  • 10 kg payload
  • 5 pairs of cameras
  • Side-Follow and Super Sensory technologies
  • 90 minutes of autonomy

AlienGo: an exploration robot dog

Designed for professional environments and industrial sites, AlienGo has the unique ability to map its environment in both 2D and 3D.

  • Speed of 6km/h
  • Payload capacity of 10 kg
  • Autonomy between 2 and 5 hours
  • 2 depth cameras + 1 visual odometry camera

B1: the most performant robot dog in the Unitree range

Designed for research and development, the quadruped robot B1 is a multi-terrain robot with impressive features:

  • Payload capacity of 60 kg
  • Speed of 6.5 km/h
  • 12 degrees of freedom
  • Ability to go underwater (optional)

Z1: the robotic arm for AlienGo and B1

The robotic arm Z1 has 6 degrees of freedom with a speed of 180°/s on each of its axes. Robust and precise, it can carry loads of up to 3 kg.

These quadruped robots are also used for dangerous tasks such as bomb detection or search and rescue after natural disasters. They thus ensure the safety of humans while accomplishing difficult missions.

Boston Dynamics vs. Unitree Robotics: the differences

SPOT B1 Aliengo Basic Go1 Edu Basic
Processors As an option: i5 Intel® 8th Gen (Whiskey Lake-U) Core™ 3 NVIDIA Jetson Xavier boards NVIDIA TX2 NX 3 NVIDIA Jetson Nano boards
Max speed 1.6 m/s (5.7 km/h) 1.8 m/s (6.5 km/h) 1.6 m/s (6 km/h) 4.7 m/s (17 km/h)
Max. payload 14 kg 60 kg (stationary) and 40 kg (moving) 10 kg 10 kg
Cameras 5 pairs of depth cameras 5 pairs of depth cameras 2 depth cameras + 1 visual odometry camera 5 pairs of fish-eye depth cameras
Maximum slope +/- 30° +/- 35° +/- 25° +/- 25°
Weight 32 kg 50 kg 21 kg 12 kg
Dimensions 1100 x 500 x 1910 mm 1108 × 461 × 671 mm 650 x 310 x 600 mm 588 x 290 x 220 mm
Max. step height: 30 cm 20 cm 18 cm 10 cm
Battery life 1-2 h 2-4 h 2-5 h 1-2 h

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Meet the Go1 Edu/Edu Basic (no LiDAR), Explorer (2D LiDAR) and Explorer 2 (3D LiDAR) quadruped robot by Unitree Robotics, a mobile robotics platform designed for developing professional applications and for higher education.

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Spot is designed not only for research and teaching but also for developing industrial and service robotics applications, and will quickly become your faithful corporate companion, always ready to work!

Certification Certification
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Aliengo is a real-time exploration, navigation and mapping robot designed by Unitree Robotics. While ideal for professional and industrial environments, it’s also an excellent tool for research and teaching.

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The B1 robot dog designed by Unitree Robotics is dust and waterproof and stands out for its agility, speed and ability to carry heavy loads of 40 kg.

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Spot Public Safety protects individuals and assess dangerous situations, all while ensuring safety.

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Go1 Air is the standard model in the Unitree Go1 series, it will follow its owner with ease, avoid obstacles and carry small loads.

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Go1 Pro is the mid-range model in the Go1 series. It has 3 processors, 5 Super Sensory Systems and an ultra-efficient side-follow system.

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The Spot Inspection package provides reliable real-time data to automate all your inspection missions.

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Available in 4 versions, the Go2 Edu Plus robot is an ideal tool for Research, Education, and Robotics. It integrates Artificial Intelligence and a 4D LiDAR with hemispheric vision.

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Go2 Air: The most accessible version of the Go2 series, the Go2 Air robot can perform a variety of poses, perceive its surroundings, and make decisions.

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Discover the Spot Academia & Innovation kit, a flexible platform for research, teaching, and the development of new applications.

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Go2 Pro is the mid-range model of the Go2 series by Unitree. Faster, more agile, and more responsive than its predecessor, it features an improved AI and a hemispherical LiDAR, enabling it to handle more complex obstacles.

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Equipped with wheels, the B-W robot can move quickly on flat surfaces (up to 7 m/s).