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Husarion is a company specialized in the field of autonomous robotics, offering autonomous robot platforms for Research and Education. Founded in late 2013 in Poland, the brand markets 4 mobile robots: Panther, RosbotXL, Rosbot2 Pro, and Rosbot 2R

Panther: The All-Terrain Exploration Robot

Husarion's Panther revolutionizes mobile robotics with its precise autonomous navigation using LiDAR and camera. It easily adapts to existing systems through the Husarion software ecosystem and ROS integration. It is Controllable remotely via WiFi or LTE and suitable for remote monitoring applications. Versatile, it finds applications in logistics, smart agriculture, surveillance, etc. Panther can be equipped with various accessories such as a robotic arm or a LiDAR to adapt to different use cases.

ROSbotXL, ROSbot2 Pro, and ROSbot 2R: Autonomous and Open-Source Robots for Research and Learning

The ROSbot XL, ROSbot 2R, and ROSbot 2 Pro robots stand out as open-source autonomous robots that can be used as a learning platform for the Robot Operating System (ROS). In addition to providing the hardware foundation, the ROSbot robots offer a complete range of educational tools:

  • A development platform
  • Online resources
  • Gazebo simulation models
  • A wide selection of tutorials and specialized manuals.

With this comprehensive approach, the learning process becomes both smooth and efficient.

Husarion - Mobile robots comparison
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The Panther is an industrial-grade all-terrain UGV designed for outdoor applications. It is an autonomous and open-source robotic platform that operates with ROS and ROS2.

The advanced ROSbot 2 Pro robotic platform has been specifically designed to provide a comprehensive experience in the field of autonomous robotics, promoting learning and development.

Delivery within 5 to 10 days

The ROSbot 2R Mobile Robot is an advanced robotic platform designed to provide a comprehensive learning and development experience in autonomous robotics.

Delivery within 5 to 10 days

Discover the ROSbot XL Mobile Robot by Husarion, an autonomous mobile robotic platform designed for Research and Development, rapid prototyping, and creating custom robots for a variety of indoor applications.

Delivery within 4 weeks