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This Dobot 3D printer combines a sleek, intelligent design and 2 high-quality interchangeable tools on a single machine: a 3D printing nozzle and a CNC machine tool.

For safety reasons, we have decided to remove the laser from the Dobot Mooz 3D printer. DISCONTINUED.

The Dobot Magician educational robotic arm is attractive, robust and intelligent. This standard version of the arm will fit in the engineering schools and university institutes of technology curriculum – and even certain sixth form pupils studying science. It’s a versatile, fully controllable and programmable robot that holds enormous development potential!

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Yuejiang, the company responsible for creating a unique robotics platform designed for scientific and technological learning, initially set itself quite a challenge, that of developing students’ programming skills while providing them with a versatile and intelligent tool for performing numerous industrial robotics operations. Mission accomplished!

For safety reasons, we have decided to remove the laser from the Dobot Magician set.
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Want to give your Dobot Magician educational robotic arm all the accessories it deserves? Check out this linear rail for the Dobot robotic arm and create your own automated production line!

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This mini-conveyor belt is a Dobot accessory designed to give the educational Dobot Magician robotic arm an additional function. You can now create a proper industrial production line offering advanced features thanks to a few carefully-chosen embedded sensors!

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The MOOZ 3D printer by Dobot with double vertical axes is modular and ultra-precise.


The MOOZ-3 3D Printer is the latest addition to the Dobot range of 3D printers. It’s designed for creative use, and is ideal for educational curriculums.

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Already familiar with the Dobot Magician educational robotic arm for scientific and technological learning? The Dobot Vision Kit opens up many new prospects...

Not compatible with M1 robot arm.
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