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Based in Munich, Franka Emika is a German company that manufactures collaborative arms for industrial robotics. Agile like a human arm, the FR3 robotic arm has 7 degrees of freedom: it can assist and perform complicated and dangerous tasks. The intuitive “Desk” interface, accessible online, makes it very easy to get started (in 15 minutes flat).

With its versatility and high precision, the Franka Research 3 robot arm can be used in different areas: production line, hospital or nursing home, laboratory, logistics platform, research, R&D, etc. It is easy to program the FR3 and interface it with additional sensors (packages and libraries for C++, ROS and Movelt).

Delivery within 8 weeks

Delivery within 8 weeks

This Franka Research 3 Robotic Arm has been created for education and training. You can use these apps from FRANKA EMIKA’s “Desk” interface.

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