FE Gripper for PANDA Robotic Arm

FE Gripper for FRANKA EMIKA Robotic Arm

FE Gripper for PANDA Robotic Arm
Franka Emika | A-000000-04095
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Presentation of the FE Gripper for Franka Research 3 Robotic Arm, by FRANKA EMIKA

The Franka Research 3 robot gripper is capable of exerting a continuous gasping force of 70 N (and a maximum force of 140 N) and can lift up to 3 kg. The maximum width of the open gripper is 80 mm. Which allows this FRANKA FRANKA robotic arm to lift a wide variety of objects. This gripper for the FR3 robot, with interchangeable fingertips, is fully integrated with the FRANKA EMIKA robotic system ecosystem and is plug-and-use. You can also 3D-print your own fingertips and get a custom gripper.

Technical specifications of the FE Gripper for FRANKA EMIKA robotic Arm

  • Parallel gripper: with exchangeable fingers
  • Grasping force:
  • Continuous force: 70 N
  • Maximum force: 140 N
  • Traversing speed:
  • 80 mm (50 mm/s per finger)
  • Weight: ~0.7 kg

Resources for the Franka Research 3 Robotic Arm by FRANKA EMIKA and its FE Gripper

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