LuckiBot Delivery Robot

LuckiBot Delivery Robot

LuckiBot Delivery Robot
OrionStar Robotics | A-000000-06611
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LuckiBot is a cutting-edge server robot that combines autonomous navigation, advanced communication, and modern design for an exceptional customer experience. From room service to food distribution, it redefines service.

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LuckiBot Service Robot: Towards Autonomous and Efficient Delivery

The LuckiBot delivery robot from Orion Star is designed to enhance operational efficiency and service quality in restaurants, supermarkets, and other public establishments. Its advanced technology can perform various tasks, from food delivery to customer assistance to mobility in commercial spaces.

LuckiBot's key benefits

  • 3D Navigation System + Dual Slam Solution: Equipped with a chassis-mounted LiDAR and a recognition system, LuckiBot can navigate accurately and avoid obstacles autonomously. Its response time is only 0.5 seconds.
  • Integrated Depth Camera: Quickly and accurately detects small obstacles.
  • Multi-Robot Cooperation: When multiple LuckiBots work simultaneously, they can autonomously avoid each other, ensuring smooth and secure operation.
  • Autonomy between 12 and 15 hours
LuckiBot - Microphone and Speaker

Microphone and Speaker

LuckiBot is equipped with 6 microphones that allow it to respond instantly to voice commands, even in noisy environments (up to 75dB). Its voice recognition accuracy is 94%.

Large Wide-Opening Tray

LuckiBot can carry up to 40 kg, equivalent to 4 tables, and transport up to 400 dishes per day.

LuckiBot - Large Wide-Opening Tray
LuckiBot - Color Changing

Color Changing Based on Robot State

  • Charging: Green
  • Full Charge: Blue
  • In Action: Blue
  • Malfunction: Red
  • Stop: Blue
  • Emergency Stop: Red
  • Turning: Blinking

Solid and Stable Chassis

Stable operation in challenging environments due to a multi-arm suspension system, similar to vehicles.

LuckiBot - Solid and Stable Chassis

LuckiBot: Applications

LuckiBot - Robot for restaurants


LuckiBot - Robots for Hotels


LuckiBot - Robot for Supermarkets


LuckiBot - Robot for Exhibition


Different Modes with LuckiBot

LuckiBot - Delivery Mode

Delivery Mode

LuckiBot provides stable slow or fast-speed service and can be paused by touching the screen. Destinations can be changed, and meals can be retrieved during delivery. The robot can also display advertisements during delivery.
LuckiBot - Welcome Mode

Welcome Mode

LuckiBot can welcome customers by staying stationary or moving. It can display ads or recommend dishes.
LuckiBot - Guidance Mode

Guidance Mode

LuckiBot can lead customers directly to their table with background music.
LuckiBot - Cruise Mode

Cruise Mode

Snacks and trays can be distributed or collected at each point on the route. It can also attract customers by displaying ads.

LuckiBot Server Robot Technical Specifications


  • Voice Control
  • Scene Mode
  • Questions / Answers Database
  • Data Center
  • Anti-Theft Alarm System
  • Ambient Music
  • Adjustable Tray


  • Food Protection
  • Accessories
  • Multi-Languages

General Parameters

  • Dimensions: 526mm×493mm×1320mm
  • Weight: 37 kg
  • Material: High-Strength Aluminum and PC+ABS
  • Screen Size: 10.1 inches, 1080P

Load Capacity

  • Loading Space: 3 levels / 4 adjustable levels
  • Level Surface: 0.18 m²
  • Tray Load: 10 kg
  • Total Load: 40 kg
  • Climbing Capacity: 5°
  • Interactive Abilities: Voice Interaction + Touch Screen Control

System Performance

  • Processor: 8-core Qualcomm Chip + 32-bit Microchip MCU + Intel® RealSense™
  • Operating System: Robot OS based on Android 9.0
  • Navigation System: Lidar + Visual Positioning + Visual Obstacle Avoidance + Odometer + IMU
  • Microphones: 6 microphones with 5-meter sound range
  • Speed: 0.5 ~ 1.2 m/s
  • Autonomy: 10 ~ 14 hours

Network and Charging

  • 4G Network supporting TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE
  • 2.4G / 5G Wifi
  • Cable Charging
  • Charging Time: 3.5 hours

LuckiBot Delivery Robot Resources

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Delivery Mode

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