Delivery robots

Advancements in technology within the field of robotics have paved the way for exciting new applications, including the use of robots as servers in various environments such as restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, and many others. OrionStar Robotics, a renowned player in the realm of service robotics, has introduced three flagship products in this category: the server robots LuckiBot and LuckiBot Pro, along with the reception robot GreetingBot Mini.

LuckiBot and LuckiBot Pro: Advanced Server Robots

LuckiBot: The Standard Version

LuckiBot is a compact server robot designed to offer a unique experience to customers in establishments like restaurants and cafes. This robot is equipped with advanced features that enable it to navigate through crowded spaces autonomously, interact with customers in a friendly manner, and precisely deliver orders. Equipped with sophisticated sensors, LuckiBot can avoid obstacles and adjust its trajectory in real time, ensuring smooth and secure service.

Key Features of LuckiBot:

  • Autonomous Navigation: Thanks to advanced mapping and localization algorithms, LuckiBot can move autonomously without human intervention.
  • User-friendly Interaction: The robot features an intuitive user interface that allows customers to place orders, ask questions, and engage in playful interactions.
  • Precise Delivery: LuckiBot can carry trays with orders and deliver them accurately to tables, minimizing service errors.

LuckiBot Pro: The Enhanced Version

LuckiBot Pro is an upgraded version of the standard LuckiBot, designed to meet the needs of high-traffic establishments and offer advanced features to enhance the customer experience. This robot can handle more complex tasks while maintaining warm and friendly customer interactions.

Additional Features of LuckiBot Pro:

  • Advanced Order Management: The robot can handle multiple orders simultaneously, address complex queries, and provide detailed information.
  • Voice and Visual Recognition: Equipped with an intelligent camera and six microphones, LuckiBot Pro can accurately recognize dishes as well as regular customers by their faces, engaging in personalized interactions.
  • Enhanced Performance: 14-inch HD screen, 60 kg load capacity, and a battery life of 16 hours.

GreetingBot Mini: The Versatile Service and Reception Robot

In addition to its server robots, OrionStar Robotics presents the GreetingBot Mini, a compact reception robot designed to make a memorable first impression in various settings. GreetingBot Mini embodies the essence of modern hospitality by providing a warm and personalized welcome to visitors. With an elegant appearance and user-friendly interface, the robot can greet customers, guide them to their desired destinations, and offer useful information. Thanks to advanced facial recognition, GreetingBot Mini can even greet regular customers by name, creating an immersive and engaging experience. By combining cutting-edge technology with the charm of human interaction, GreetingBot Mini underscores the growing role of robots in enhancing social interactions and customer experiences.

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