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Generation Robots offers a 5% discount on Go1 Edu robots for all orders placed before April 30, 2024.

Symbol wettbewerbsfähiger Preis

Very affordable price
➽ From 10 000€ excluding taxes

Symbol Schnelligkeit

The fastest available robot dog
(max: 17 km/h)

Symbol Zahnräder

The robot Go1 Edu can :

➽ Carry loads up to 5kg

➽ Climb slopes up to +/-35°

➽ Overcome steps up to 100mm


ROS compatible :

Versatile platform

➽ Easy installation of third-party hardware

Who is a four-legged robot intended for?

Symbol Wissenschaft und Forschung

Science and research

Symbol Sicherheit, Inspektion und Wartung

Security, inspection

and maintenance

Symbol Archäologie und Denkmalpflege

Archaeology and heritage preservation

Symbol Architektur und Bauleitung

Architecture and construction management

Symbol Landwirtschaft und Bergbau


and mining

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A robotic solution for the R&D sector.

An exceptionally affordable price

Go1 Edu: This extremely robust and reliable four-legged robot is available starting at just 10,000 € excluding taxes.

The robot dog fits the strict budget constraints of research and developement institutions, such as universities.

With its agility and ability to navigate uneven terrain, it is highly mobile. Numerous additional sensors can be attached for surveillance and research missions.

Go2 : un robot avce un budget qui convient aux universités (vue d'un campus)

Why order the Go1 Edu robot?

Fastest battery replacement on the market

Go1 Edu: Schnellster Akkuwechsel auf dem Markt​

Fastest available four-legged robot

Go1 Edu: Schnellster verfügbarer vierbeiniger Roboter​

Quick deployment & easy remote control

Go1 Edu:  Schneller Einsatz & einfache Fernsteuerung

Robust, reliable, and durable

Go1 Edu: Robust, zuverlässig und langlebig

The most affordable four-legged robot on the market

Go1 Edu: Der günstigste vierbeinige Roboter auf dem Markt​

Technical specifications of the Go1 Edu

  • Weight (with battery): 13.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 64.5 x 28 x 40 cm
  • Maximum payload: 5 kg
  • Power supply: 24V-6V
  • Degrees of freedom: 12
  • Average speed: 0-3.7 m/s
  • Maximum speed: 5 m/s (16 km/h)
  • Step height: 10 cm
  • Maximum slope: 35°ng: 35°
  • ROS/ROS2 compatible
  • Programming at a low or high level (API)
  • Programming in Python or C/C++
  • Go1 Edu Basic: Without LiDAR
  • Go1 Edu: Without LiDAR
  • Go1 Explorer: LiDAR 2D Slamtec M2M2
  • Go1 Explorer 2: LiDAR 3D RS-LiDAR 16 (Robosense)
  • 5 stereo depth cameras (fish-eye)
  • Force sensors (in the feet)
  • Speakers
  • Intelligent lateral walking system
  • Fast charging: 1h30 (33.6V / 9)
  • Protection against overload, short-circuit, and overheating
  • Usage time: 1h (in operation) to 4h (standby)
  • Charging voltage: 28V-33.6V
  • Capacity (batteries): 6000mAh
  • 4G/5G
  • WiFi