Autonomous robots: Generation Robots’ choice!

In the world of programmable personal robotics, there are piloted robots and there are autonomous robots. Generation Robots has a clear preference for the autonomous robot.

To see the complete range of robotics kits on offer – includingLego Mindstorms NXT,Vex Robotics,Parallax andPob technology– we invite you to browse our website. These robots are not guided by man, and can perform tasks using just an embedded computer program.

Autonomous robots: want to know more?

The robots are autonomous in that they are able to use their embedded programming to perceive their physical environment by interpreting the data received from their various sensors (be they infrared, ultrasonic, etc.).

A good autonomous robot program should take into account the diversity of situations a robot may be faced with in its actual environment.

The most advanced autonomous robot programs will use artificial intelligence as well as algorithms to provide the robot with a certain means of learning.

At Generation Robots, we can help you find the autonomous robot you dream of!