Robots for middle school

The robots and robotics kits featured here are made for the secondary education. These robots can be used to illustrate different courses such as sciences, mathematics or technology, or be the building blocks of a brand new robotics club!

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  • Programming language: Scratch

The French State Education Advanced Robotics Kit from Speechi is intended for all teachers – from primary to high school – wishing to introduce their pupils to robotics programming using a fun and varied set of tools.

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Tello EDU is a DJI drone designed for learning the Scratch, Swift and Python programming languages. It offers lots of features ranging from aerial exploration to development of artificial intelligence.

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The French State Education Standard Robotics Kit from Speechi allows you to organise a course of lessons in robotics and programming, each lasting 45 minutes. This educational robot kit, which meets the recommendations of the French Ministry of Education, can be programmed using Scratch, the IDE Arduino, but also Python.

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Just like its predecessor, the mBot 2 educational robot makes learning programming and robotics as fun as building with LEGO. But it also offers more possibilities in terms of design – you may even win your first robot competition!


Codey Rocky is an educational robot that introduces pupils from the age of 6 to STEAM. It is composed of a controller that you can use independently or combined with the Rocky mobile chassis.

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