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Trossen Robotics has been an online retailer of robotics and electronic goods since 2004. They specialize in robotics products for the educational, hobby, research, competition and entertainment/edutainment markets.

Founded in 2005, Trossen Robotics is an American E-commerce company that sells electronic products for robotics. Trossen Robotics distributes robotic products for education, research and industry. They have developed different product lines:

  • Interbotix robotic arms: designed for education and research, these robotic arms are available in different models: 4, 5 or 6 degrees of freedom and payloads ranging from 50 to 750 g. ROS and ROS 2 compatible, all arms in the series are open source. They are great tools to learn automation and artificial intelligence.
  • Hexapod kit: built with 18 programmable servomotors, this 6-legged creature features impressive movements agility and accuracy.
  • Turret: ideal for experimentation and robotics, this easy-to-build kit is based on the Arbotix controller board (programmable in C using the Arduino IDE)

A robotic arm equipped with 7 latest-generation Dynamixel X-series servomotors, which pushes control and precision of movement to the extreme. All this with ROS and Dynamixel SDK support offering a full barrow of codes and demos.

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The ViperX 300 robotic arm is designed for research and education, with 5 degrees of freedom and a payload capacity of 750g.

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ViperX 300 is a mobile robotic arm whose strength and agility is ensured by no less than 9 latest-generation Dynamixel servomotors. More than 1m50 total span, for 750 g of payload!

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Precise and extremely flexible, the WidowX 200 Robot Arm offers 360° rotation, a 1.1 m span, and is designed to adapt easily to different robotics platforms.

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The WidowX 250 version of the Interbotix robotic arm offers a superior reach and span. It's an open-source and customisable choice benefiting from 8 latest-generation Dynamixel servos, guaranteeing flexibility and precision of every movement.

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After the WidowX 200 robotic arm and the 5-axis WidowX 250, Interbotix is back with the 6-axis WidowX 250 robotic arm. 9 Dynamixel servo-motors from the XM and XL series were needed to build this mobile arm dedicated to teaching and research.

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Operating with five intelligent Dynamixel servomotors, the WidowX robot arm offers some great opportunity.

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Operating with five intelligent Dynamixel servomotors, the WidowX robot arm offers some great opportunity.

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