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Generation Robots distributes mid-range 3D printers. Affordable with a good quality print, our engineers use them every day to create the parts they need when prototyping, or customizing advanced robots.

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The NEVA Magis 3D Printer is both efficient and child’s play to use. Ideal for beginners, for experienced creators and for all uses!

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The MOOZ 3D printer by Dobot with double vertical axes is modular and ultra-precise.

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The MOOZ-3 3D Printer is the latest addition to the Dobot range of 3D printers. It’s designed for creative use, and is ideal for educational curriculums.

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Stick the 3M BlueTape 2090 Pro adhesive tape to your print tray. It will allow your plastic to adhere when printing.

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Treat your 3D printer with different filament!

Put a stop to dull, muddy brown creations! Give your 3D prints a cheerful look with these bright 1.75 mm Chromatik PLA filaments!

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Biodegradable PLA, a material which is specifically adapted to 3D-printing, and an original, modern colour: this is the recipe for success of the silver 1.75 mm Octofiber PLA filaments, the perfect fit for your 3D DiscoEasy200 printer!

A comprehensive Guide to learn all 3D printing techniques in only 21 days.

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Polymorph is a biodegradable plastic with a low melting point (60°C) making it very easy to mold by hand. It allows you to quickly create mechanical parts for your robots or to fix various object.

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A toy that changes colour under the effect of heat? This can be more than just a special childhood memory thanks to this sapphire blue thermochromatic powder!

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Put a little sunshine in your projects with this bright yellow thermochromatic pigment, which fades only in hot weather – one 20 g bag will provide you with more than enough to carry out a host of fun experiments.

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A bright red colour that turns pale pink when the temperature rises: the COM-11555 Red Thermochromatic Pigment is a truly magical powder that will inject a bit of fun into your creations.