List of products by brand Ouster

The OS2 lidar stands out for its maximum range, of up to 400 metres, and high-precision data, both made possible by its new L3 chip.

The OS1 LiDAR (Rev 6) is another model from the Ouster OS series, offering a range of 120 metres, high-definition output data, and an image reproduction almost as accurate as a video recording.

The OS1 lidar is a high-performance sensor built around the new L3 chip, offering the best combination of range, field of view and resolution.

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The OSDome is a hemispherical digital lidar with a 180° field of view offering a range of 20 metres and a resolution four times higher than other sensors.

Ouster’s OS0 LiDAR is an effective aid to robotic navigation, for highly accurate path analysis in real time.

The OS0 lidar has an ultra-wide (90°) field of view, meaning it can see everything from floor to ceiling.