LiDAR Ouster OS1 medium range high performance

LiDAR Ouster OS1 (Rev 6) medium range high performance

LiDAR Ouster OS1 medium range high performance
Ouster | A-000000-05499
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The OS1 LiDAR (Rev 6) is another model from the Ouster OS series, offering a range of 120 metres, different configurations, high-definition output data, and an image reproduction almost as accurate as a video recording.
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Ouster OS1 digital LiDAR: a new-definition LiDAR

This new series of LiDARs by Ouster is a clear demonstration of the company’s technological acumen. With the OS1, you get a choice of 32, 64 or 128 channels and a broader detection range compared to the OS0. The LiDAR can recognise obstacles up to 120 metres away in a fixed or moving environment, and in all weather conditions.

Not only does it have a high dust and moisture ingress protection, but the OS1 LiDAR also benefits from all the functionalities of the L2X system-on-chip. The L2X chip promises an excellent level of consistent detection and definition in literally any weather, even a smoky environment.

The L2X system doubles the processing power and output data, enabling your device to meet all navigation and robotic vision requirements. It is also particularly lightweight, so can be easily mounted on all systems.

Uniform, gradient, below or above horizon?

To make sure its devices adapt as successfully as possible to your own specific project, Ouster offers 4 possible configurations for its OS1-32 and OS1-64 models:

  • Uniform”, which performs a balanced scan above and below the horizon line with a total field of view of 45°
  • Gradient”, which allows you to segment this field of view to tailor the LiDAR’s capabilities more specifically to the environment you’re exploring and according to your needs
  • Below Horizon”, which offers a narrower scan radius (22.5°) oriented exclusively below the horizon line
  • And finally “Above Horizon”, offering a vertical field of view of (22.5°) oriented above the horizon line
Ouster OS1 field of view diagram

Please note that you won’t get these configuration options with the OS1-128, which has a 45° vertical field of view with 128 channels.

Technical specifications of the OS1 LiDAR

  • Vertical resolution: 32, 64 or 128 channels
  • Horizontal resolution: 512, 1024 or 2048
  • Range: 120 m
  • Vertical field of view: 45° (±22.5°)
  • Vertical angular resolution: 0.35-2.8° (multiple options for OS0-32 and OS0-64), 2.8° (OS0-128)
  • Precision: ±0.7-5 cm
  • Points per second: 655 360 (OS0-32), 1 310 720 (OS0-64), 2 621 440 (OS0-128)
  • Rotation rate: 10 or 20 Hz
  • Power draw: 14-20 W
  • Weight: 447 g
  • Ingress protection (dust, water): IP68, IP69K
  • Synchronization options: PTP and NMEA/PPS
  • On-the-fly programming: frame rate and horizontal resolution
  • Fixed angle data measurement
  • Multi-sensor crosstalk resistance
  • Bayonet connector
  • Over-the-network firmware updates
  • Output: range, intensity, reflectivity, ambient NIR, azimuth angle, timestamp
  • Pixel returns: 2
  • 4 possible configurations: uniform radius, gradient, below and above the horizon (except for version 128)

Technical characteristics of the OS0 LiDAR

Vertical resolution32 channels64 channels128 channels
Horizontal resolution512, 1024 ou 2048512, 1024 ou 2048512, 1024 ou 2048
Range120 meters120 meters120 meters
Vertical field of view45° (±22.5º)45° (±22.5º)45° (±22.5º)
Vertical angular resolution0.35º – 2.8º (multiple options)0.35º – 2.8º (multiple options)0.35º
Precision±1.5 – 5 cm±1.5 – 5 cm±1.5 – 5 cm
Points per second655 3601 310 7202 621 440
Rotation rate10 ou 20 Hz10 ou 20 Hz10 ou 20 Hz
Power draw14 – 20 W14 – 20 W14 – 20 W
Weight447 g447 g447 g
Ingress protection ratingIP68, IP69KIP68, IP69KIP68, IP69K

Gemini, a perception platform compatible with Ouster LiDAR

The Ouster Gemini platform aims to improve safety, intelligent transportation systems or smart cities. It enhances detection and classification performance with more accurate and comprehensive people and vehicle tracking data.

This advanced solution simplifies operations and is more cost-effective, as it requires less sensors.

Resources for the OS1 LiDAR

Ouster LiDARs can be integrated into all kinds of projects, such as the implementation of smart cities.

A German city used hundreds of Ouster OS1 LiDARs to create a digital twin of the city. Find out how this project was handled in our blog post.

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