HiTechnic MiniScope

HiTechnic MiniScope

HiTechnic | A-000000-00146
Oscilloscope to measure low level signals on your electronic circuits.
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The HiTechnic MiniScope is a digital oscilloscope

An oscilloscope is one of the most commonly used measurement instruments used in the electronics industry. At the most fundamental level, an oscilloscope enables the variation of an electronic signal with time to be viewed as a graph. This means that waveforms can be readily displayed and analyzed.

The HiTechnic MiniScope is specially designed to work with the SuperPro board. It fits into a standard breadboard making it easy to use with testing new circuits.

What's included in the HiTechnic MiniScope?

The Hitechnic MiniScope contains:

  • MiniScope circuit board - small circuit board that fits directly into a standard breadboard
  • USB cable - for connecting the MiniScope board to the PC
  • DVD - MiniScope application for Windows XP or higher MiniScope Application Guide

The MiniScope software

The MiniScope software to visualize digital and analog signals


Click on the following image to download the MiniScope Application Guide in PDF :

Guide Application MiniScope

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