Multifunctional Joystick Arduino Esplora

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Discover a new way to learn how to program Arduino with the Arduino Esplora. This new Arduino board comes with a lot of amazing embedded sensors.
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Description of the Multifunctional joystick Arduino Esplora

 The Arduino Esplora is the latest developement of Arduino. Unlike the other boards as UNO,Duemilanove or Due, the Esplora does not provide just a microcontroller(Atmega32U4). Indeed, it comes with a lot of embedded sensors.

The multifunctional joystick - Arduino Esplora extends the Arduino product range. With its game pad style, the Esplora is ideal for being used as a remote, or a user interface for your mobile robot project.


Arduino Esplora Board


Features of the Arduino Esplora


  • 1 analog joystick with push button
  • 4 push buttons
  • 1 analog slider
  • 1 microphone
  • 1 light sensor
  • 1 temperature sensor
  • 1 three axes accelerometer
  • 1 buzzer
  • 1 RGB Led
  • 2 Output TinkerKit connectors to connect TinkerKit actuator modules with the 3-pin connectors.
  • 2 Input TinkerKit connectors to connect TinkerKit sensor modules with the 3-pin connectors.
  • 1 TFT display connector for an optional color LCD screen, SD card, or other devices that use the SPI protocol.

Based on an Atmel microcontroller the Atmega32U4 (the Leonardo one), the Arduino Esplora is fully compatible with the Arduino ISE, and can emulate and USB device.

The Esplora provide you enough free pins to let you control other devices or circuits. Indeed,  analog sensors are  regrouped with a multiplexor, controled by three digital pins of the Atmega32U4. With this multiplexor, you only require one analog pin for all the analog sensors of the board.

Like other Arduino Boards, you will be able to add Shields without any soldering, in order to build you own controller.

Feature of the Arduino Esplora


Microcontroller      ATmega32u4
Voltage 5V
Flash 32 KB includes 4 KB for the bootloader

16 MHz

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