Line following sensor lineLeader-v2 for NXT / EV3

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The new LineLeader has arrived, and this new version of the line follower sensor for NXT and EV3 has everything it takes to fully satisfy speed contest enthusiasts!
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LineLeader-v2 Line Follower Sensor: you can throw your remote control away

With the LineLeader-v2 Line Follower Sensor, simply configure your motors to make your Lego NXT or EV3 robot not only fully autonomous, as it will follow a black line on a white background without any help, but also extremely fast! Write your own line follower program to meet your needs, and simply let your LineLeader-v2 do the calculations for you. Once equipped with this array of 8 sensors, your robot will be ready to compete in speed and accuracy with other EV3 or NXT robots. It’s ideal for robotics competitions, since participants can now write their own line follower algorithm.

LineLeader-v2 for NXT and EV3: a new generation of line sensors

Although perfectly satisfactory, the first version of the LineLeader posed various problems, for example it couldn’t be used by participants in RCJ robotics competitions because it offered its users an internal PID algorithm (and therefore didn’t require the user to write a new algorithm for each new path). Even more troublesome was the fact that the first version of the LineLeader didn’t always work well with the EV3 robot’s rather temperamental I2C. The LineLeader-v2 has successfully corrected both these problems since it has a customisable line follower program and a faster processor, capable of operating very satisfactorily with an EV3.

Technical characteristics of the LineLeader-v2 Line Follower Sensor for NXT and EV3

  • New version of the original LineLeader by Mindsensors
  • Compatible with EV3 and NXT
  • Array of 8 line follower sensors
  • Customisable line follower program
  • 2 operating modes: use the built-in PID controller or write your own line follower algorithm
  • Easy to assemble


Resources for the LineLeader-v2 Line Follower Sensor for NXT and EV3

Comparison LineLeader vs. LightSensorArray

You will find a video showing the LineLeader-v2 line follower sensor for NXT & EV3 below:

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