WidowX Robot Arm (with servomotors)

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Operating with five intelligent Dynamixel servomotors, the WidowX robot arm offers some great opportunity.
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Description of the WidowX robot arm (with servomotors):

The WidowX robotics arm is the ideal partner to learn how to control a robotic arm. Designed to work with two Dynamixel MX-28, two MX-64 and two AX-12A, you will appreciate its power and stability.

With the great accuracy of the MX-28 and MX-64 servos (ultra-high resolution of 4096 positions), it will be really easy for you to control the WidowX position.

The WidowX robotics arm can raise up to 800g at 10 cm and up to 400g at 30 cm. The gripper got a 500g raise capacity and like 400g in rotation. The solid structure of the robotics arm in ABS plastic and is Ball Bearing Base will let you a solid and stable base for all your experiments.

WidowX robot arm from Interbotix Labs

In order to control your WidowX robotic arm, an Arbotix controller is provide with the arm. can This controller can be easily programmed using the Arduino IDE or custom firmware, providing 8 digital and analogue IOs, Xbee wireless or USB connectivity.

At the end of the WidowX robotic arm, there is grip and at the top of it there is an support for camera or other sensor.


Feature of the WidowX robot arm (with servomotors):

  • Industry Leading MX-64, MX-28 and AX-12 Servos
  • Solid 14cm Ball Bearing Base
  • Extremely Rigid Boxed ABS Construction
  • Arbotix Robocontroller for Onboard Processing
  • Custom Parallel Gripper
  • Mounting Brackets for Cameras & Sensors


Feature of the WidowX controller

  • ATMega644p Microprocessor
  • 8 Analogue & 8 Digital IOs
  • Physical, Xbee Wireless, & USB/TTL Serial control options
  • Arduino IDE compatible
  • Custom firmware capable
  • ROS Ready

For more information about the WidowX robot arm, you can download the datasheet below:

WidowX Robot Arm Datasheet

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