Grove 4-Pin 50 cm Cables (pack of 5)

Grove 4-Pin 50 cm Cables (pack of 5)

Grove 4-Pin 50 cm Cables (pack of 5)
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The Grove 4-Pin 50 cm Cables (pack of 5) are designed for point-to-point connections between a Grove module and its Grove base shield, to allow clear, neat, accurate connection!
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Pack of 5 Grove 4-Pin 50 cm Cables: ideal for fast prototyping!

It’s a problem frequently encountered by electronics wizards: a complex project requiring so many cables that quite soon you no longer know what’s connected to what! The ACC83057O pack of five 4-Pin Cables compatible with the Grove base shield is intended for just this purpose, to organise your point-to-point connections more clearly. Each Grove 4-Pin Cable is designed according to a precise colour code:

  • Yellow = Pin 1
  • White = Pin 2
  • Red = Pin 3
  • Black = Pin 4

This way, you’ll find it much easier to build your prototypes by connecting your Grove modules to the compatible base shield, without getting lost and avoiding getting the wires crossed as much as possible!

Using the Grove 4-Pin 50 cm Cables

There are various lengths of cable fitted with Grove standard connectors. Select the cable length according to the space you have available for making your connections: an electronic device to be fitted within a small enclosure will require much shorter cables than if you have planned on a bulkier installation!

Technical specifications of the pack of 5 Grove-compatible 50 cm cables

  • Pack of 5 Grove-standard 4-pin connection cables
  • Compatible with Grove base shields
  • Length: 50 cm
  • Suitable for point-to-point connections
It is possible to buy Grove cables of different sizes:

Resources for the Grove 4-Pin 50 cm Cables

You’re still hesitant as to which Grove-compatible 4-pin cable length you should choose? This link should help you!

Seeed Studio Wiki Page on how to choose the right cable

Seeed Studio Wiki Page on how to choose the right cable

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