Heating Pad - 5x10cm

5 x 10 cm 5 V Heating Pad

Heating Pad - 5x10cm
SparkFun | A-000000-01136
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The 5 x 10 cm Heating Pad by SparkFun is an accessory that can be very easily connected and integrated into creations to help you get safely through the winter!
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SparkFun COM-11288 Heating Pad: flexible and well-designed

The SparkFun COM-11288 Heating Pad is more than a high-tech toy, it’s a very simple and well-designed accessory composed of a polyester filament and conductive metal fibre mesh.

The whole is wrapped in a protective polyamide film, making the pad perfectly flexible.A-000000-01136. Powered with a 5 Vdc voltage, it is also very energy efficient.

Presentation video of the Sparkfun heating pad

Flexible 5 V Heating Pad: invent the heated products of the future!

This flexible Heating Pad is particularly well suited to wearable creations, such as jackets, gloves and bracelets, although you can also use it to create a cover for keeping your coffee hot for example!

The advantage of this Heating Pad is it can also be connected to an Arduino-type microcontroller and to various sensors to create really smart heated objects that are turned on, for example, when the temperature falls below a certain threshold.

Technical specifications of the COM-11288 Heating Pad

  • Dimensions: 5 x 10 cm
  • Supply: 5 Vdc


Resources for the SparkFun Heating Pad

Sparkfun heating pad temperature curve

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